Monday, 5 December 2011

Tabio Tights & Leg Warmers: Shopping at London Westfield Part 4

I might have mentioned that I went shopping at London Westfield last week. Today I want to share some treasures I found at Tabio.

Tabio is a Japanese sock company. They don't just have socks though, they also carry tights, leg warmers, and footsies. Basically if it's a foot-related clothing, Tabio has it.

I first discovered Tabio a couple of years ago at their London Westfield shop. I wandered in, intrigued by all the brightly coloured tights available. When I saw that they had a range of denier from 30 to 210 in so many colours, my heart sang. I love super opaque tights (i.e. 80 denier and above please!) and I hadn't seen a selection like this since I was visiting a friend in Taiwan. Yes, it made sense that Tabio was a Japanese brand. I immediately purchased several pairs, hoping against hope that I would not be disappointed.

Disappointed I was not! Farthest thing from it. Tabio is now my go-to for tights, and I wear a lot of tights! They are super opaque and such high quality. Yes, they are expensive compared to M&S tights, which I also own a tonne of, but I just love these. I always wear Tabio when I have a special event. My favourites are the 110 denier tights, but I have occasionally bought an 80 denier when I needed a colour that wasn't in stock of 110. Needless to say, it's been a love story for me with Tabio.

Also loved the special Christmas shopping bag. I suspect these are actually the same as the ones for the Japanese shops as it reads: 2011年、世界中のサンタよ日本に来い or 'In 2011,Santa(s) from around the world, come to Japan'

I managed to snag my first Tabio leg warmers and on sale! I had long admired and ummed and ahhhed about some of these, so I was excited to see them in person and get them for such a great price as £10 each!

I also picked up a pair of 110 denier charcoal gray tights for £20, and Softy 210 denier in dull dark brown for £28. I realize this is a lot to pay for tights, but honestly, I got through tights like no one's business (I wear tights almost every day of the week!) and these are the best I've found. They have one of those wonderful waists that doesn't bunch too much. I mean, ya know when you can see the line where your tights end and your tum-tum bulges? Even when I'm super thin I still can have this problem. Well, these tights don't allow that. You get a smooth seamless transition from your waist and no bulging (well, not *excess* bulging!).

How you tried Tabio?


  1. Amazing store! I'd love to find one to shop in.

  2. They have shops in Japan, Taiwan, the UK, and France. Maybe US one day? You can shop online (internationally) from the UK store too:

  3. Gah!! I WISH!!! A store full of socks?!?! What a dream come true!!!

  4. I knew you'd love it, Scar! Luckily I bought you something there! The hardest part was not getting you *everything!*


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