Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pretty Knotty in Nude: Nails in China Glaze Knotty and Nicole Spring Romance

Home ill with the super lurgy of all flus, and I started to go a bit cabin fevery. So what did I do? I reached for the nail polish. I applied a couple coats of China Glaze Knotty with a a couple layers of Nicole by OPI Spring Romance.

I like it. The hearts were a bit challenging, but it wasn't my first application with them (review here). It was my first time using Knotty which is a gorgeous pale colour. I hadn't done my nails in ages it seemed. First because I was busy and then I had the Christmas Show at work, which meant I had even less time and bright nails are discouraged (they're distracting!). Needless to say, the nails were feeling neglected!

I'm happy with this look. What do you think?

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