Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Visée Meets Blondy: Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition Eyeshadows

I just saw this limited edition release from Visée with Blondy for Spring 2012 and wanted to share.

I love Visée, it's a Japanese drug store brand, but I always find their eyeshadows pretty good value. Although, let's be honest, if you're ordering from outside of Japan, they're probably a bit pricey, but they have colours and sparkle value you don't always get in Western cosmetic companies.

This latest release is for 3 eye shadow palettes from Visée is a collaboration with Blondy, a Japanese fashion brand that's made up of 3 smaller labels: LHS Blondy, Bitten Apple, and All Grown Up. I've honestly never heard of Blondy before, but after a browse of their website, I can say I'm digging some of their stuff. They are inspired by Debbie Harry of the band Blondie, so that's where their name and inspiration come from. Personally, I feel the All Grown Up brand the most!

Back to the eyeshadow!

There are 3 palettes available:

  • N-8 Nudish Peach (peach beige with a hint of pink)
  • N-9 Classical Bitter Chocolate (nude brown reminiscent of bittersweet chocolate)
  • N-10 Foxy Midnight (smooth smokey beige reminiscent of fur - I assume they mean fox fur here?!)

On Visée's website, they also show 3 looks with the palettes which I've screenshotted below. 

Nudish Peach Look
Clothes: Jacky’s Tear Denimlike Corduroy Dress ¥24,150; LHS Blondy Vest ¥18,600
Eyes: Glam Nude Eyes N-8
Lips: Glossy Nude Rouge PK804
Face: Mineral Cheeks OR-3

Classical Bitter Chocolate Look
Clothes: LHS Blondy Trench Coat ¥38,640
Eyes: Glam Nude Eyes N-9
Lips: Glossy Nude Rouge BE301
Face: Mineral Cheeks RD-5

Foxy Midnight Look
Clothes: Bitten Apple Spring Dot Dress ¥16,590
Eyes: Glam Nude Eyes N-10
Lips: Glossy Nude Rouge PK802
Face: Mineral Cheeks PK-1

There's also a how-to apply on the website too. I think you can follow without knowing what it says, but just in case, I've done a quick translation below. 

1 Apply (A) base colour evenly all over the eyelid

2 Apply (B) light colour from the inner corner of the eye up to just under the brow
3 Apply (C) accent colour from edge of eye to the eye socket (crease?) and from the corner of the eye to halfway on the lower eyelid
4 Line the upper eyelid and half of the lower eyelid with (D) deep colour
5 Gently apply and buildup with (E) shiny-on colour (!?) over the entire eyelid
6 Finished!

What do you think? I really don't need any more eyeshadow, but Classical Bitter Chocolate has caught my eye. Actually, they all look like they would be lovely on. I suspect they choose very wearable colours for all 3 on purpose. It would be hard to find a palette that doesn't suit. 

These are currently available at Ichibankao, but are limited edition! These retail for ¥1,890 (inc. tax) and were released 16th January 2012. Get 'em while you can!

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