Monday, 27 February 2012

Visée Meets Blondy: Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Visée Meets Blondy is Visée's Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition eyeshadow release this 'spring'. (I say 'spring' cos they actually came out in January 2012). I did a preview here.

It's worth reading my first post about these as it doesn't really make sense to repeat info too much, so have a look if you're interested!

However, I said I was going to get one of these 3 releases... but yep, I got all 3. I actually bought N-9 Classical Bitter Chocolate and loved it so much, decided to get the other two. Since they are limited editions as well, I was worried that I would love these shades so much and it would haunt me on missing out on the other 2 in the collection.

So here they are, all three in their glory.

They all come in an extra big packaging which is mostly just empty cardboard. I guess this is to make this product appear more special. As a drugstore brand Visée eyeshadows usually come in a small plastic clear/black case that just fits the product.

But what matters most of course is what's on the inside of the packages! 

N-8 Nudish Peach (peach beige with a hint of pink)

N-9 Classical Bitter Chocolate (nude brown reminiscent of bittersweet chocolate)

N-10 Foxy Midnight (smooth smokey beige reminiscent of fur - I assume they mean fox fur here?!)

The palest shadow is actually a cream formula, but the rest are regular pressed shadows. I'm not really a fan of this kind of cream shadow, but the other 4 colours in the palette more than make-up for it! (oh, the puns...¬_¬;;) 

I love all these palettes and to be honest, they are all wearable and natural looking. I had trouble telling the difference between them. I'd say it's slight in some cases. Yes, it's hard to see online, but just as hard to see in person. It really seems it's the 3rd colour that differs between these palettes. 

All three together for comparison. From left to right: N-8, N-9, N-10
Do you love these colours or what?  Well, I'd like to announce that my next *giveaway* will be for a brand new Visée Meets Blondy: Glam Nude Eyes Limited Edition Eyeshadow in
N-9 Classical Bitter Chocolate! Are you excited or what?

Now to share a song from Rainie Yang (楊丞琳), a Chinese singer from Taiwan who I utterly adore. Mike He is also in this video, and well, he's just dreamy, isn't he?

I can't listen to this song and not feel happy! Enjoy.

Update: Enter my White Day giveaway to win one of these!


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before now, but you've got me interested. I love earth tones, so that chocolate palette appeals to me.

    Ali x

    1. I'll let you know when I finally put the giveaway up! I'm thinking soon! we need something to cheer us up in this long weird winter. x

  2. I got N-8! The texture is amazing, though I would wish it to be more pigmented...

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? Do you use a primer? I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion and find it makes a big difference. But yeah, these aren't too pigmented, but I kinda like that. You can get a real natural look with these.

    2. I do use a primer, UDPP, lol~ This line is just so subtle, usually I'd prefer more pigmented eyeshadows, N-8 is totally an exception!

  3. Hi. Could you please tell me if N-8 palette is different from N-10? The thing is I already have N-10 palette but now I'm thinking of ordering N-8 palette since there is no Visee counter in where I live so I can't just go swatch to see real colors. The colors in N-8 and N-10 look kind of similar in the pans. Anyway thanks a lot. I appreciate your help. :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'd agree with Caroline above that N-8 is a bit less pigmented than N-10. However, I find that 3 of the colours swatch so similar to each other, that it's really shades 3 & 4 (peach/taupe and brown) that are different.

      Colour 3 in N-8 has less brown to it, and is definitely a orangy peach (light). Colour 4 in N-8 is a lighter and warmer brown, than the more pigmented dark cool brown in N-10.

      N-8 is really a nude/natural look. Not that the others aren't, but I have to say, I find it hard to tell the difference when I use them, except for the brown. The warm brown is pretty light for a liner.

      I like N-8, but if you've got N-10, I think you've probably got the more exciting of the two. If you're like me, tho and really like these shades, it's worth having a bit of variety. If you do decide to get it, let me know what you think!

  4. Thanks for your answer!

    I ordered N-9 before I decided that I wanted N-8 too. I have NAKED palette but for some reasons I don't like it like many people seem to rave about it. I have a lot of eye shadow stash and I tell myself many times to stop buy it and spend my money on something more important like blushes and lipsticks. But I can't resist the urge to collect all three palettes of Blondy probably because they are limited editions and I heard that they are very popular in Japan.

    I'll let you know if I decide to get N-8. Thanks again for your help.

    1. I did the same - bought N-9 and fell in love so decided to get the other two! N-9 is still my favourite from the collection tho. I haven't tried the NAKED palette, but I've not been too impressed with Urban Decay's eye shadows that I have tried. Nothing wrong with them, they just were too pigmented and colours not really my thing, so I've not been too tempted to explore more.

  5. I'm waiting for N-8 and N-9 palette to arrive. I read your Lunasol Glowing Cheeks Pure Coral review. I have it too and I like the texture and color, but I don't like the packaging. It's so not Lunasol. I'm thinking of getting another color ... Pure Pink too but it's so hard to decide. There are many cute spring blushes by a lot of brands.

    1. About the packaging, I know, right!?! Not sure why they did that. I've completely overdosed on blush this season. I don't think I've ever seen so much choice I was actually tempted by in awhile. Let me know if you try any others!


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