Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine Revisted Review in Style

This isn't my first Chanel Rouge Coco Shine... and actually in my first review of these, I said I wasn't that impressed (read it here), but honestly, Liberte has grown on me. Also, I'm the type of girl that once I've bought something, I'm gonna keep using it. So when I found myself at the Chanel counter in Boots recently, the summer releases caught my eye.

One that I couldn't pass up, is this one: 71 Style. It's a shiny sheer beige. It has a barely there hint of colour, which I actually really like in a lip-balm type lipstick. It looks perfect on naked face days (no make up), and looks totally natural. It's just a bit of moisture and a tiny bit of colour for my lips.

Again, it's pricey, so not for the faint hearted. But, I do have to say I've been wearing it in our suddenly summer heat and found it wears really well in the heat. I do have to say, I am usually impressed with the quality of Chanel beauty products, and this one is a sturdy little thing, which is great for the busy beauty gal on the go.

Update (April 2013)

It was super sunny today, so I snapped some shots, and did another swatch of this lovely. I like how you can really see the sparkle in this shade.

Still hard to capture that swatch on camera >_<

Friday, 18 May 2012

Not love at first sight for eos Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm

So I've heard a lot about eos lip balms. A lot of very good things. So I was really looking forward to trying this!

I bought mine from Cute Cosmetics for £5.95 and went with Organic Honeysuckle Honeydew, they also have Lemon Drop, Medicated Tangerine, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, and Passion Fruit varieties. Honeysuckle is one of my favourite scents, so I though this would be my best choice.

I've seen lots of reviews of the funny shape of this already, so I wasn't surprised here. It was as expected... and yes, it smells like a combo of honeysuckle and honeydew melon....  but but but... I just don't love it.

I'm sorry. It's not bad. It's just all right. I'm not sure if I am missing something, but I was expecting something amazing the way people have been going on about these balms. I was actually rather disappointed.

It did glide on smoothly, and was okay on my lips. I didn't find it incredibly moisturizing or anything. Well, not anymore so than Chapstick. Don't get me wrong, Chapstick is good too, but it's not exactly a new thing, so I guess I was expecting more.

I wouldn't say it's a bad product, but I just expected a whole lot more. I won't be repurchasing this, and it's definitely not knocked my Fresh Sugar as my 'I can't live without' lip balm.

Anyone else agree or disagree? I'd love to hear what you guys think of eos lip balms!

Monday, 7 May 2012

China Glaze Westside Warrior Nail Polish

Finally had a chance to try this polish - China Glaze's Westside Warrior which is a lovely dark green. I really love China Glaze nail polishes. They are such great value and have such a selection of colours.

More beauty blogging to come, but in the mean time, I'm going to share another fav song. This time it's Hong Dou (Red Bean/Longing) by Wong Faye.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Émerveillé Review

Chanel's autumn release of cream powder eye shadows the Illusion D'Ombre has had every blogger I've read fairly excited. Well, it isn't every day that Chanel bring out a new range!

I actually checked all these out at the Chanel counter already and decided that I couldn't live without Epatant, an olive silver. Émerveillé (82) was actually not my first choice. It's a beautiful dusty pink peach. This is a go-to colour for my eyes, but I wasn't initially drawn to this, simply because I already have so much peach and pink. It really had to have something to make me want it. After umming and awwing, for awhile, I finally made my mind up and gave in.

The texture is amazing, very soft and easy to blend. Really unique in the eye shadow world. Or is it? Actually, I couldn't help but compare this with Jill Stuart's eye jellies. The Jill Stuart eye jellies are wetter, more sparkly, and scented. I wanted to see how Émerveillé matched up with Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in 03 Platinum Satin (ジルスチュアート ジェリーアイカラーN 03 platinum satin).

Value? Although the Chanel looks bigger, there is only 4g of product, while you get 6g in the Jill Stuart. Of course, if the eye jelly weighs more because it's wetter, maybe this explains it? Actually when I look at the actual pots, it does look like you get more product with Jill Start. The Chanel comes with an applicator brush, which I haven't had a need for, but the packaging is understated Chanel. I could actually have done with a lighter packaging as the extra glass around the product just make it more cumbersome to carry around. Jill Stuart have a real princess feel to their packaging and this one is spot on. Small and fancy.

Okay, so they aren't the same. The Chanel is more subtle shimmer and the Jill Stuart is all glittery sparkle. I've had émerveillé for a couple months now and have to say, at first I wasn't too excited about this colour, thinking it would barely show on my eyelids. But I've worn it to work a lot, for a natural eye but better look with some dark eyeliner and I really like it. It just gives enough colour, but it's definitely not for a night-out, unless you use it as a base really. 

Have you tried any of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre cream eye powders or Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors?
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