Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ghd IV Styler Hair Straighteners Review

I have super thin and fine hair. Growing up, I found it frustrating as my hair was always getting knotted and always fell flat. I used more No More Tangles than anyone else! Thank goodness for that product or else I'd never got a comb through my hair!

I dreamed of having lux wavy tresses or bouncing curls. Since I was an indulgent child, my parents actually allowed me to get my hair permed.... twice! Both times the curls fell out. (yes, I know to wait awhile, I even waited a week before washing!) I was left with stringy hair that looked like I'd had a day at the beach rather than bouncy Shirley Temple curls that I had hoped for. Nothing wrong with beach hair, and to be fair, I spent most of my childhood swimming, so maybe I deserved it. I had just accepted that I had hair that wouldn't hold, well, anything. 

As I entered my teenage years, one of my parents moved to Arizona and I realized that in low or no humidity, I could curl my hair with a curling iron and it would actually stay for a few hours even! Usually when I curl my hair, it just falls out! I'm sure all you ladies with curly hair figured out the secret role humidity plays in how good your hair looks a lot sooner than I did! I'm kind of getting away from the point though. 

I saw a lot of my friends become obsessed with straightening their hair. I didn't really get it - why would you want flat hair? Ah, of course, straight doesn't mean flat! Although I begrudged my hair for it's lack of styling hold, it does straight REALLY well. In fact, if I just blow it dry, I don't even need to straighten my hair. Jealous?  Yeah, sorry that wasn't really my point either. 

So I came onto the hair straightener band wagon a bit later than everyone else. I only bought my first one ever a couple years ago, after copious research on the internet and asking friends, hair stylists (you think I'm kidding?), and convinced that ghd were the company worthy of my money and my thin locks. 

I bought myself ghd IV styler hair straighteners for about £100 (OUCH!), but have never looked back. The ceramic plates glide over my hair and leave it smooth and silky. I've also managed to get some amazing curls with it as well. I need more practice though, because I can only manage to get them on one side of my head, the other side goes a big wonky for some reason. I blame me, not the ghd's tho! 

Okay, so someone who admitted that they don't need to straighten their hair thinks this straightener is amazing. That's probably not terribly convincing on its own, is it? Well, remember all those friends I said were obsessed with hair straighteners? Well, anyone who's stayed at my house and used them has said something along the lines of 'OMG, your straighteners are amazing!' and yes, it's usually unprompted! 

Some more technical details about the IV Styler, the ceramic plates heat up super fast, I often switch them on and set them down only to hear them beep that they're ready! They were a luxury purchase for me as I don't *need* to straighten my hair, but I find they help me feel extra special for those days I want poker straight hair. 

Do you use hair straighteners? Have you tried ghd? 


  1. My daughter swears by Chi. It costs around $120 not on sale. (I look for sales!) Her hair is naturally thick like mine, and curly, so she needs help and lots of it.

    I don't use a straightener because I am always doing everything I can to get more life into my hair. My hair is sooo straight and sooo heavy. It becomes lifeless easily. Still, I do recognize the importance of a straightener to most women!

  2. I also have a Chi. Chi Turbo, in fact. And it did cost around $120. I bought a million years ago because the stylist used it on my hair at the salon and I LOVED it. BUT, if I did not have one that already cost a million dollars, I would totally try this. I'm so lazy with my hair tho. Most times I just put it in a bun at the base of my head. Boring, I know :/

  3. I have pretty straight already. However, I often still like to run a straightener over it to give it a little bit of a "glossy-straight" look. I'm not a big fan of the straightner I have so I won't recommend it here.

    I do like your review though. Do you straighten with your hair wet or dry?

  4. My mom swears by Chi, but I haven't actually tried hers! She liked my ghds when she last visited tho!

    I always straighten dry because I don't want to fry my hair!


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