Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pannier and Revolutionary Ball from Victorian Disco Cosmetics

From my latest haul from Victorian Disco Cosmetics, I have two colours from the Rococo Roller Rink series.

When I hear Rococo I can't help think of Momoko's explanation of the Rococo period in European history from the film Kamikaze Girls (also known as 下妻物語, which is based on a book by the same titles). I really love this film and book, but for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I've dug up a clip below.

I think Momoko would approve of Pannier and Revolutionary Ball.  


Revolutionary Ball

Both of these were taken with flash, and you can see some of the colour as it has come off on the lids (international shipping, these things happen!) 

swatches: (left) Pannier and (right) Revolutionary Ball

VDC describe Pannier as deep brownish taupe with violet and gold flecks and Revolutionary Ball as dark black with a deep blue sheen. 

I think those are pretty spot on descriptions, altho I thought Pannier's shimmer almost looks like there's a light green, but I think this might be the gold colour playing off the taupe. Either way, they're both lovely and not bad at $4.50 USD for 2 grams of pigment. 

Speaking of Kamikaze Girls... 

makes me think of Anna Tsuchiya, who played Ichigo, the Yanki (think street punk) best friend of Momoko in Kamikaze Girls. Anna Tsuchiya is also pretty badass in real life as well. She's known for her outspoken opinions, and has an amazing career so far which includes modelling and singing as well as acting. 

I hope it's true, but Wikipedia quotes her in reference to her difficult modelling days as saying: 
"We were all teens at that time. I guess you guys expect some epic stories like — Anna did it, and those who laughed at Anna are now flipping burgers at McDonald's or distributing handbills at Jusco or especially, getting f***ed in porn videos — but sorry, y'all know God is such a balless mofo, now some of those who laughed at me have got bigger successes than me and are super rich... I sometimes feel frustrated with it, but yeah, they made me better."
That just cracks me up! Love Anna Tsuchiya, how could you not!? This girl rocks!

Here's a song from the anime NANA performed by her. 


  1. I received a sample of Revolutionary Ball. Really nice color! I couldn't pull it off, myself, but I am def a fan.

    1. I'll probably use it as a liner or for my attempts at smokey eyes.


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