Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sailor Moon MAKEUP!

Yes, you read that right - Sailor Moon makeup! Actual Sailor Moon makeup to be released! You can read about it here in Japanese.

Bandai is teaming up with Creer Beaute to bring us this special powder compact as part of the celebration of Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary.

Those who have brought us The Rose of Versaille and Lum-chan makeup, now present the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder.

Moon Crystal Power! Make up! indeed! :)

The brand is inspired by Sailor Moon - the princess of the Moon who is also a sailor solider (or bishoujo senshi) who fights to protect the happy times and the people she holds dear. This broach is for the girls who've grown into women to continue to look cute and sparkly while they fight for these ideals in our modern society.

Or something like that. :P

The compact or broach is designed in the style of Sailor Moon's crystal star broach which she uses to transform in the 2nd series of the anime, Sailor Moon R.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R - Miracle Romance Shining Room Powder is available for pre-order from the 12th June 2013 and will be released in November 2013 (tentative) for 3,980 yen.

Will you be ordering one? I'm so tempted, although I'm so broke at the moment, and I need more makeup like a hole in the head, but, but, but, it's Sailor Moon!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Modern twist on traditional clothing: Angermaier

Today I want to blog about this amazing line of clothing that I found on my travels in Munich a few years ago. I was reminded of them as I was tidying (aren't I always?) and came across a catalogue from Angermaier.

They make modern trachtenmoden, or traditional Bavarian clothing, such as dirndls and lederhosen. Trachtenmoden can still be worn for special occasions and most notably, at Oktoberfest.

I love Angermaier's updated take on this traditional look. They have some funkier pieces that include leopard print, neon colours, and even skull prints, as well as the more traditional gingham print patterns.

The website is in German, but it's not too difficult to navigate. Hint, if you want to see the women's collection - that's under Kollektionen - then Damen-Kollektion, or visit the Online Shop!

Here is just a small sampling of some of the ladies' dirndls they have to offer:

They have everything from the sexy and funky to the sweet and girly. I'm totally in love with this brand.

I did have the pleasure of visiting one of their stores while I was in Munich and I have to say I was so tempted by quite a few dirndls.  From what I saw, all their pieces were of the utmost high quality and were very well made. I guess that helps to explain the price tags for these pieces, which run from €100 up to €1,000!

Oh yes, I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention they also sell lederhosen for the ladies as well as for the lads. Respect to any ladies who can pull this look off, but for me, the Bavarian summer hear in leather shorts is not my cup of tea! I'll keep to the loose fitting skirts to hide my big bottom, thanks! :)
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