Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Desperately Seeking Shampoo... and Conditioner... and Styling Products

Looking for the right shampoo and conditioner?

These websites offer interactive quizzes to help you determine the right product or products for you.

Also, they're kind of fun!

John Frieda:



Redken has 4 different experts you can have your hair profiled with!

Herbal Essences:

It's like a quiz for your hair :)

And if, after all that, you're still like me and can't find the right one, you're not alone!

On my last trip to the salon, I told the stylist how my hair kept feeling greasy and weighed down. I never used to have that problem, and I don't really use any product (I know I should use a heat protectant before blowdrying and/or straightening, but I often don't! Oh, I'm so guilty), so was really disappointed when lately my hair hasn't felt light and shiny as it used to. She told me that actually, a lot of the high street brands (or brands in drug stores and supermarkets) - i.e. not salon professional - have too many chemicals in them to try and make your hair look shiny. If you have really thin, fine hair, like I do, then you're much better off with a professional brand that doesn't add anything in.

So, at her recommendation, I have been using Matrix Biolage for colour treated hair and so far with really positive results. Although, it's still early days and it's hard paying twice the price for shampoo and conditioner, but my hair was really positively awful with my other shampoos :/

How about you? Have you found your hair's soulmate?

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