Monday, 24 March 2014

Revlon Nearly Naked 110 Ivory Review

I hardly ever win anything, but somehow I managed to luck out and get this Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 110 ivory from a Revlon campaign on Facebook.

I had heard lots of great things when this came out and so was really excited to try - especially as it was free.

I meant to review this ages ago, but only have gotten around to it now!

So here it is, the foundation in 110 Ivory. It comes in a lovely glass bottle...

I took the photo with a tissue, since you'll need at least one or two while applying this foundation. Getting the liquid out of the bottle without spillage or waste was not something I could manage.

I know that this retails as a drug store foundation so perhaps I was expecting too much. Honestly, I haven't used any other drug store foundations before.

It seems odd to me to splash out on a glass bottle, but then not have a good pump or applicator. I'd rather have a plastic squeeze tube. In fact, some of my favourite premium foundations have come in the plastic squeeze tube over the years. I actually prefer this - lighter to carry for travelling and no struggling to try to pump out the last bits.

So, aside from it being a bit messy to work with, it was a decent foundation. Here's a swatch above of the colour blobbed on my arm on the left, and then rubbed in on the right.

It went on smoothly, but left my skin a bit shinier than I would have liked. I am a fan of matt foundations. I also have normal to dry skin, so bear that in mind.

It also smelled a bit chemically. Actually it kind of reminded me of playdoh. Not usually something I look for in foundation, but I guess it could be worse.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cute stationary - Dr Grip and Sanrio collab

Last month, I discovered something amazing:

Dr Grip, one of the best mechanical pencil and ball point pens, from Pilot, Japan, have teamed up with Sanrio to bring us adorably cute pens and pencils!

If you haven't seen a Dr Grip before, they're chunky really comfortable to hold pencils and pens. They write so smoothly as well. They are also usually pretty expensive for a pen or pencil, but not ridiculously expensive. 

I got these Kutsushita Nyanko and Rilakkuma Dr Grip pens from ModeS4u

and I got this Rilakkuma pen from Artbox at their store in Covent Garden

These have been retailing for 800 yen in Japan, if you're lucky enough to get them direct.

 I got mine for £10.30 each from modeS4u (this includes fees and shipping, so is the price I paid in total) and £11.90 for the one from Artbox.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shopping online with H&M: delivery leaves much to be desired

So recently placed an order with H&M online and wasn't impressed with the delivery.

First off, was really excited when H&M started offering online shopping as there isn't an H&M where I live.

But they wouldn't deliver to my office cos it wasn't a safe location.

I spoke to someone on the phone (it was a premium rate number btw) and she told me that H&M don't deliver to large businesses because it's not safe for customer's orders. Apparently some customers orders have gone missing after being delivered to businesses. (Personally, I think if you want it delivered to your business, you take the risk of it getting lost at said business... and I'm not sure why this would matter to H&M.... )  I explained that because I work 9-5, I can't be at home to receive a delivery, so sending it to my work is safe for me. She assured me that the courier would require a signature and I could rearrange for them to deliver during evening hours or on Saturday. Neither of which sounded very appealing to me. In theory, yes, but in reality I imagined this to be a nightmare!

Then I got the notification that my order was being shipped out. 5 days later I came home around 10pm and got in the door and had a slip from the courier. Although I hadn't signed for the parcel, the note from the courier said 'left in bush'.

UM, what?

Yeah, so I went back outside in the dark, and they put my package in the dirt buried under a bush at the front of my house. It was covered in dirt and rain. Brilliant.

 I really don't want my new clothes put in the dirt. Totally unimpressed.

Based on this experience, I can honestly say I won't be shopping on H&M online again. Ridiculous.

Although, luckily, H&M opens in Oxford city centre tomorrow, the 6th March 2014, which looks much more promising!

Have you had an awful online shipping experiences?

Monday, 3 March 2014

Adventures in Camden: fairy tale inspired shoes from Irregular Choice

Last week my sister and I went shopping in Camden and came across this really cool shop selling some really cute shoes - Irregular Choice.

I can't really describe these shoes, so I'll let the photos do the talking for themselves!

Rupiez - £129

Paw Print - £125

Drusha - £84.99

Flick Flack - £74.99

Make My Day - £79.99

Abigails Party - £84.99

So whether you're after some shoes with unicorns or kittens for heels or just something really sparkly and original, Irregular Choice may be the place for you! They have several locations in London and one in Hong Kong.
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