Monday, 24 March 2014

Revlon Nearly Naked 110 Ivory Review

I hardly ever win anything, but somehow I managed to luck out and get this Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 110 ivory from a Revlon campaign on Facebook.

I had heard lots of great things when this came out and so was really excited to try - especially as it was free.

I meant to review this ages ago, but only have gotten around to it now!

So here it is, the foundation in 110 Ivory. It comes in a lovely glass bottle...

I took the photo with a tissue, since you'll need at least one or two while applying this foundation. Getting the liquid out of the bottle without spillage or waste was not something I could manage.

I know that this retails as a drug store foundation so perhaps I was expecting too much. Honestly, I haven't used any other drug store foundations before.

It seems odd to me to splash out on a glass bottle, but then not have a good pump or applicator. I'd rather have a plastic squeeze tube. In fact, some of my favourite premium foundations have come in the plastic squeeze tube over the years. I actually prefer this - lighter to carry for travelling and no struggling to try to pump out the last bits.

So, aside from it being a bit messy to work with, it was a decent foundation. Here's a swatch above of the colour blobbed on my arm on the left, and then rubbed in on the right.

It went on smoothly, but left my skin a bit shinier than I would have liked. I am a fan of matt foundations. I also have normal to dry skin, so bear that in mind.

It also smelled a bit chemically. Actually it kind of reminded me of playdoh. Not usually something I look for in foundation, but I guess it could be worse.

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