Friday, 11 November 2011

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss Review and Swatch: 04 Baby Petal and 05 Frosted Cherry

For those not in the know, Jill Stuart has an amazing cosmetic line that started in Japan and is now released in some other Asian countries as well. I also remember reading that it may be coming to the US (Neiman Marcus in NY?) but afraid I can't confirm that. In any case, Jill Stuart Beauty products are the ultimate princess makeup. All the colours are pink and girly, with lots of sparkle and all the packaging looks like a pink princess designed them herself. 

Today I want to review a couple of glosses from the Jelly Lip Gloss collection: 04 baby petal and 05 frosted cherry. 

The JS Jelly Lip Glosses retail in Japan for ¥2,200 (¥2,310 w/tax), so they’re around a similar price point to Dior or Chanel lip glosses.

The Jelly Lip Glosses come in a tube similar to Lancome's Juicy Tubes, but with silver and sparkles as well as pink gemstone on the cap. 05 Frosted cherry is pictured below, with 04 baby petal below.

Princess-y is the only word to describe it. Although I wouldn’t say I’m a super girly girl, I actually really love this packaging. Although I have to admit the compacts and eye shadow palettes really show how gorgeous the designs are for this brand. Unfortunately, the lip gloss can get a bit gunky, like any other lip gloss tube, but I don't think this harms it!

Of course, part of what I love about the packaging is that it’s quality and the product inside is quality as well. That’s a win-win combo in my book. 

Swatches above of 05 frosted cherry on the left and 04 baby petal on the right. Baby petal really has a beautiful colour, but as you can see when I apply it to the lips, it sorta disappears and gives a very natural look. Frost cherry on the other hand looks quite bright, but also blends in really well.

The glosses are relatively sticky, but that gives them an amazing shine. I also find that they last 2-3 hours for me, but I do like to reapply especially after eating and drinking. I've yet to find a gloss that can survive that!

They also have that signature Jill Stuart flowery scent, but don’t have any flavour. 

Here they are on the lips! 

For some reason 05 frosted cherry came out more noticeably more sparkly, but I'm not sure this is really the case. Baby petal definitely gives a natural look and is one of my everyday-wear glosses. Frosted cherry isn't that dark, but does add a bit of colour. 

What your favourite lip gloss?  

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