Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chanel Vernis Les Jeans: Blue Boy nail polish review

Chanel released three new blues called ‘Les Jean’ as a limited edition to their nail varnish range this autumn.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these, so I was so happy when I went to Heathrow Terminal 5 and they had them at the duty free. There are 3 colours in Les Jeans: Coco Blue, Blue Boy, and Blue Rebel. Coco Blue is the light baby blue of the bunch, and the least intriguing to me. I was very much drawn to Blue Boy, a dusty blue, and Blue Rebel, a dark blue. I decided in the end that I couldn’t justify buying two of these babies (what? Even with duty free they cost how much?! Actually I can’t remember, but they retail for $29 USD), so I went with Blue Boy as I thought it was the more unique of the colours. Plus, I’ve found that dark and rich colours are lost here in the UK. Stay with me here… There’s not as much sunlight in the winter months, and sometimes darker colours don’t really show their true colours in indoor lighting. At least, that’s what I’ve found. 


I had an amazing manicure in Paris that I was waiting to degrade before diving into this Blue Boy, and I was very pleased when I did. Application was nice and thin. I really like a thin polish that is easy to layer, and this was definitely one. Of course, I’ve just applied it now, so they look fabulous, but Chanel polishes are notorious for chipping, so only time will tell. I went ice skating the following day, and they managed to hold up! The first chippage didn’t happen until 4 days in, and probably had more to do with my thick gunky top coat than the vernis.  

I’m also happy with the colour. I have a soft spot for blue, green also being pretty high on my list.  I don’t think my photos do it justice, but they are a rich and dusty, almost cornflower blue. I definitely don’t have anything else like it in my collection, and I have a LOT of nail polishes!

It’s a bit of a splurge, but a lush one! Did you get any of Les Jeans or are Chanel polishes too much of a splurge?


  1. I really don't spend a lot on polishes because I am so rough on my nails. The most I spend is about $10 on OPI and that makes me cringe. However, I feel if you really love a color/brand it is worth splurging on.

  2. Luckily you can usually find OPI on sale. OPI is my probably my favourite polish brand. I know what you mean about the price tho... I was just checking out Rouge Carat, a red shimmer limited edition nail polish from Chanel for Christmas 2011. Beautiful, but could not justify the price tag.


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