Friday, 24 February 2012

Kiss Cosmetics 10th Anniversary Mix Heart and Mix Moon releases

Kiss is a Japanese drugstore cosmetics brand which has released some lovely blushes and highlighters to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

The model looks pretty excited! Actually, she kinda reminds me of Leah Dizon, but maybe that's just me?

Mix Heart Cheeks blush is on the left and Mix Moon Highlight is on the left. They look amazing. I know it's terribly girly of me, but I'm loving it! And yes, there's a little girl inside my head jumping up and down thinking Sailor Moon would love this makeup. 

Chibi Usa and Usagi would be all over these compacts

The theme for this make up is a cute and happy face. Usagi-chan would approve whole-heartedly!

The Mix Heart Cheeks blushes are adorable! There are two colours in each compact and there's a heart with the brighter shade. There are 4 colours available: 

01 Dolly Pink
02 Apricot Pink
03 Fruity Orange
04 Little Rose

Kiss suggests mixing the two colours and applying in two different ways: 
Cute: in a circle on the cheek
Lady-like: in a heart-shape on the cheek 

The Mix Moon Highlight powder is available in two shades arranged like a crescent moon: 
01 Pink Sherbet
02 Pure Beige

The picture speaks for itself, but here's where Kiss recommends you apply the highlighter powder. 

I can't be the only one thinking of holding one of these compacts and shouting 'Moon Prism Power, Make-up!'  Okay, maybe I am! ¬_¬ 

Both retail for 1,200 yen (before tax) in Japan, and are available from Ichibankao now. 

I'm going to have order some of these, but I'm still deciding which ones. How about you? 

Super Sailor Chibi Moon fan art by kaminary-san

Felt like sharing this beautiful fan art of Super Sailor Chibi Moon. It just seemed fitting and it's so gorgeous, isn't it? 

Also, a song from Leah Dizon for good measure. Enjoy! 



  1. The Japanese seem really big on cute or "kawaii" (is that how it's spelled?). Interesting. Is it expensive to order from Japan?


    1. They really are, and yes that's how to spell kawaii! It can be more expensive, depends what you buy. Drugstore brands in Japan are generally more expensive than UK/US equivalents and much better in terms of quality, so I think they're worth it. They are more into shimmery and delicate colours, I find. I often find the colours more wearable than a lot of US/UK/European releases. Department store brands like Lunasol or Jill Stuart are close in price to Chanel or YSL. They can become more expensive to pay the shipping overseas, but most of my favourite products are from Japan. I usually order from Ichibankao, which prices in yen, and each item includes shipping, but you can find stuff cheaper on ebay and other sites. I prefer Ichibankao cos Kelly is really helpful and sends parcels quickly and with care.


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