Thursday, 16 February 2012

Parissa Body Sugar Wax Hair Removal & Ranma ½

Back when I lived in the land of luxury (aka Santa Barbara) I used to love a good pamper and a wax. I've had it all over the years (well, not *everything* but I'm no stranger to the waxing table!) From bikini area, to eye brows, from legs to underarms, I've been there. I am lucky, in that I have not really had any bad experiences with waxing, and I also don't find it too painful.

When I moved to the UK, I looked desperately for a local salon to get my usual waxes, but it was hard and expensive to find. More expensive and inconvenient than I found it in California, so I started doing it myself with Parissa Wax.

For a long time I couldn't find Parissa in the UK. Recently I have seen it in Boots and on It's available in drugstores and Ulta in the US.

My fav is Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar Wax for legs, body, & face. It's pretty easy. Just heat the body sugar up in the microwave or with a wax warmer, dip the stick in, apply a thin layer of wax (check it's not too hot!), then use the washable strips to remove. You get it all in the kit!

What I love most about it is that it's a sugar, so it will dissolve in water, so if you get some on your floor or clothes, it's not a big deal.

It also has a relaxing scent.

I can't recommend this enough. I would literally not function without this in my bathroom!

Still not convinced you wanna try wax? They also have ready made strips. Just warm them by placing them between your hands, pull apart and use. Beyond easy. Give them a try.

I've used them a few times, but still find that altho the body sugar wax is a bit more time consuming, I find that I get better results and prefer it to the pre-made strips. (Note: The pre-made strips are plastic cellulose rather than fabric)

Update: The pre-made strips they are NOT plastic, they are cellulose. You can read more about it here! 

I just watched a special live action/drama based on the manga Ranma ½ (らんま½), yep, called Ranma ½. For those of you who don't know it, it's a comic series based around a daughter, Akane, due to inherit her family dojo and her arranged fiance, Ranma, who turns into a girl when cool water is thrown on his head. Hot water on the head returns him to his male form. It sounds a bit crazy. It is. It's hilarious. Did I mention that Akane doesn't want or need a fiance and is kick ass on her own?

I really love it when they take a manga from my childhood and turn it into a live action drama. I suppose a lot of the martial arts and transformations in Ranma ½ make it difficult to turn this into a drama with actors, but I appreciated the effort. I was a bit let down by the villain who was not based on anyone from the manga. (Was it just me or were all his henchmen dressed like Hard Gay!?) Also, as it was only a one-off, sadly many of the characters weren't in it, most notably for me, Ryouga/P-chan.

Decided to include a couple of songs from Ranma ½ TV anime: the opening song to the first series (with English subs) and an opening song from the OVAs, which is actually my all time fav song from Ranma ½.

I read more of the manga than watched the show, but still loved it all the same. I also still have my stuffed animal P-chan! Ryouga/P-chan was my fav character and I was always routing for him to get Akane in the end! Did you like Ranma growing up? 

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  1. Parissa is a great brand. I can also recommend their Azulene oil, post waxing. It's made from german chamomile, not my favourite essential oil (smells bloody awful) but the Azulene is gorgeous.


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