Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine Revisted Review in Style

This isn't my first Chanel Rouge Coco Shine... and actually in my first review of these, I said I wasn't that impressed (read it here), but honestly, Liberte has grown on me. Also, I'm the type of girl that once I've bought something, I'm gonna keep using it. So when I found myself at the Chanel counter in Boots recently, the summer releases caught my eye.

One that I couldn't pass up, is this one: 71 Style. It's a shiny sheer beige. It has a barely there hint of colour, which I actually really like in a lip-balm type lipstick. It looks perfect on naked face days (no make up), and looks totally natural. It's just a bit of moisture and a tiny bit of colour for my lips.

Again, it's pricey, so not for the faint hearted. But, I do have to say I've been wearing it in our suddenly summer heat and found it wears really well in the heat. I do have to say, I am usually impressed with the quality of Chanel beauty products, and this one is a sturdy little thing, which is great for the busy beauty gal on the go.

Update (April 2013)

It was super sunny today, so I snapped some shots, and did another swatch of this lovely. I like how you can really see the sparkle in this shade.

Still hard to capture that swatch on camera >_<


  1. I think lipsticks are the one thing I don't mind investing money in...I'd love a Chanel one.

    1. I'm a sucker for the lipsticks, but I really should stick to a few classics. Can't wear them all! >_<

  2. I have one of the first Coco Rouge lipsticks in Orchidee. It's got a lovely rich colour, but I need to wear a balm over it as I find it quite dry. The shine formulas look like they've gone entirely the other way.

    One thing I love about Chanel's lipsticks is the packaging. It's worth buying on that alone.


    1. Agreed, the packaging is amazing! Actually I've been loving this one. It's been just right for the 'summer' we've been having this year. I haven't been as impressed with my other two Coco Rouge Shines... weird how that can be. Sometimes the right colour and formula just happen!


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