Monday, 30 January 2012

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N 18 Bird Flutter Review and Swatch

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N Bird Flutter

I've already raved about how this was my top pick from Jill Stuart's Spring release here, but it's finally arrived and I'm ready to review it! Okay, it arrived ages ago, I've just been busy. But hopefully the wait is worth it!

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color Ns (the N is for 'new' I imagine, as the previous range was Jelly Eye Color) are one of my favourite products from Jill Stuart Beauty. They are super soft, and sparkly, and they don't fall out! They also have a lovely sweet smell to them, but you don't notice it once it's applied, so if you don't like the scent, it's no biggie. I just think it's a nice touch.

indoor light with flash

Oh yes, and of course, the packaging is lush. I love it. So delicate and lovely, yet sturdy and not cheap-feeling. What a great explanation, it's like I'm a wizard with words or something ¬_¬

natural ligh (OMG! this hardly ever happens!)

Jill Stuart describe Bird Flutter as 'coral orange, like a harmony of small birds happily singing together'. Aww, isn't that sweet? Hrm, yeah I'm not exactly sure I follow, but 'coral orange' sounds right to me. I think it's actually a peachy-colour, which is no suprise to JS fans (most of their releases are pink, pink, and more pink).

It is very pigmented! I have worn it a couple times so far, and it's amazingly bright! I've swatched it below for you.

It's gorgeous though and I'm glad I didn't miss out on this one! Whaddya think?

(left/bottom) layered application, (right/top) sheer application

Speaking of princesses...

Jill Stuart always makes me feel like a princess, and since I've been buying Sailor Moon pigments lately, I'm feeling sentimental, so thought I'd share a song from Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mirage (タキシード・ミラージュ). It's subtitled, but in Japanese. Sorry, tried to find a good clip with English and Japanese. If you're curious for a translation of the lyrics, here ya go.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Harry Potter and Final Fantasy inspired cosmetics

I can't wait until my next 20 parcels arrive from Victorian Disco Cosmetics! You think I'm exaggerating, ok, I am, but only just!  I couldn't wait for them to arrive because I wanted to share with you before they're sold out. Btw, these are limited editions! Once they're gone, they're gone! eeeep!

I ordered several colours from the Sailor Moon inspired collection, Sailor Scouts collection, which is a permanent part of the range. I had ordered samples of all the colours in the collection and swatched them here if you're interested.

Today I want to share some of what I've got coming (don't worry, I will be swatching), but I couldn't wait and didn't want anyone to miss out on these amazing collections!

House Points 

The first collection is the newest - just unveiled on Friday 27th Jan 2012. Not to sound smug, but I *knew* this was coming. Okay, well I knew something Harry Potter-related was on its way. There were a few hints on twitter, and okay some begging too, but Smashley made it happen!

Hogwarts Founders Fan Art from EvaAngel at DeviantArt
That's right. House Points is a collection named after the Hogwarts Founders!

There are 4 gorgeous colours available:

Godric - Rust red with a golden sheen and shimmer.
Helga - Deep rose golden color with golden sheen.
Rowena - Bright slate blue with silver sparkles and shimmer.
Salazar - Shamrock green with bright silver shimmers.

Colour descriptions are from VDC. Aren't they lovely?! I've already ordered all 4, and cannot wait to try them out!

Here's a swatch from VDC for you to gush over!

These are available full size for $4.50 USD each, or get all 4 for $15.00 USD. There is also a small jar set available as well.

Crystalline Affections

The other limited edition is a special for Valentine's Day, inspired by Final Fantasy. These colours come in couples inspired by characters from various Final Fantasy video games.

Cloud x Tifa from FFVII

(left) Tifa - Reddish brown with golden glitter and red flecks
(right) Cloud - Deep blue with golden flecks

Cloud x Aeris from FFVII

(left) Aeris - Light pink with red and rose colored glitter
(right) Cloud - Deep blue with golden flecks

Squall x Rinoa from FFVIII

(left) Rinoa - Cornflower blue with blue flecks and blue sheen
(right) Squall - Deep brown with golden brown flecks and gold glitter

Zidane x Princess Garnet from FFIX

(left) Garnet - Reddish rust color with orange flecks and red glitter
(right) Zidane - Golden beige with golden flecks

Tidus x Yuna from FFX and FFX-2

(left) Yuna - Very light lavender with pink flecks
(right) Tidus - Yellowish gold with golden flecks

Wakka x Lulu Garnet from FFX and FFX-2

(left) Lulu - Blackish purple with purple sheen and purple glitter
(right) Wakka - Golden orangey rust color with orange flecks and copper glitter

These pigments are available only as couples, for $8.00 each. There was also a 3-some of CloudxTifaxAeris, but that's already sold out.

I didn't buy all of these, and I have to confess that I've never even played FF, but I have watched some of it over the years. So I really picked based on colours.

My picks? You'll have to wait and see! Hit me up in the comments on your picks!

NB: All photos in this post courtesy of Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Victorian Disco Cosmetics: Sailor Moon Collection Eyeshadow Swatches

What first brought me to Victorian Disco Cosmetics was Pink Sith's post on her Star Wars collection of eye shadow pigments. Although I'm not a Star Wars fan myself (don't hate me!), I have many friends who are, so had to share it with them! I of course checked out what else Smashley has to offer at Victorian Disco Cosmetics shop on Etsy.

That's when I saw it: Sailor Moon Collection (called Sailor Scouts Collection on website)!! OMG! I love Sailor Moon. I mean, seriously love it. I mean I own all the manga in Japanese (regular & deluxe) and in French (regular). I have all 200 episodes of the anime. I've even watched a bunch of the live action stuff, as this manga and anime holds such a soft spot in my heart. So I had to swatch all of the Sailor Scouts Collection and share it with you!

All swatches have been applied with UDPP as a base, if you apply wet, many of these colours are even more vibrant. 

Sailor Moon
True golden color with gold flecks and sheen
Lip-safe and Vegan

This is a shimmery gold with sparkles and I love it. It's so beautiful. It's a colour I really adore for eye shadows.

Sailor Mercury
Bright royal blue with blue and red flecks
Vegan, but not lip-safe

Lovely royal blue as described with blue and red shimmer. Gorgeous! 

Sailor Mars
Rusty red with a pink sheen
Lip-safe and vegan

 This comes off more a pinky red than a red red to me. It has subtle pink shimmer which is nice. It's a lovely colour, but I often find this shade hard to pull off personally as an eye shadow. I'm curious to see this as a lip colour, and think it might be more suitable for my lips than my eyes, but haven't tried it yet. 

Sailor Jupiter
Bright lime green with gold flecks
Lip-safe and vegan

Lime green, definitely! A touch frosty on me.

Sailor Venus
Bright golden orange with a slight pink sheen
Lip-safe and vegan

Bright orange, kinda frosty. Very pigmented.

Tuxedo Mask
Deep reddish black with purple and gold sheen
Lip-safe and vegan

OMG, love this colour! It comes out more of a dark purple on me and is super shimmery. I love it!  The multicolour shimmer is a-mazing. It's also very well pigmented. I can only image how dark it goes when applied wet!

Light baby pink with a pink sheen and gold sparkles
Vegan, but not lip-safe

 A frosty light pink, lovely just like Small Lady. It's a Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

Bright silvery white with a gold sheen
Vegan, but not lip-safe

Lovely silver, although I can't really see the gold sheen. Looks like a frosty silver with shimmer to me.

Bright blue based pink with a light purple sheen
Lip-safe and vegan

I'd describe it as a magenta or a berry with a bright pink sparkle. Very bright.

Deep strong black with a very prominent gold sheen and sparkles
Lip-safe and vegan

Applied wet maybe it looks black, but I found it to apply with primer as a dark charcoal grey with sparkles. Love it. Can't wait to wear it.

Sailor Pluto
Deep teal green with purple reflects
Vegan, but not lip-safe

This is a lovely colour. I really do love the shimmer and the reflects in this colour. I have trouble wearing this sort of colour on my eyes, so I probably won't order it, but it's so beautiful I'm still tempted.

Sailor Neptune
Bright teal with purple reflects
Vegan but not lip-safe

A lovely light aqua with violet shimmer. Beautiful shade.

Sailor Uranus
Bright bright yellow with yellow sparkles
Lip-safe and vegan

Yes, bright is repeated twice in the colour description, and this is such a bright yellow! It's very strongly pigmented and a true yellow. If you're looking for a true and bright yellow, this would be perfect!

Sailor Saturn
Bright purple with red undertones and red flecks
Vegan, but not lip-safe

A lovely colour, although I would describe it more as a light purple or a lilac. It's very soft. I do really like it though. I particularly love the reddish sparkles.

From left to right: Sailor Saturn, Diana, Sailor Mars, Rini

From left to right: Artemis, Luna, and Tuxedo Mask

From left to right: Sailor Uranus, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Venus

From left to right: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Jupiter

My favourites from the collection?

Tuxedo Mask is amazing! I also love Sailor Moon, Rini, and Luna. These are colours that I wear, so I'm biased. I also want to mention Sailor Pluto, as it's amazing, but teal isn't really my thing on eyes. Sailor Saturn is also beautiful.

Smashley is a smart business woman and has just released some Final Fantasy colours as well! I've heard she's working on something else equally if not more, amazing which I'm sure I'll be posting about when it's released! Actually, I've already ordered a couple of full size Final Fantasy inspired colours, so I'll definitely swatch them. Victorian Disco Cosmetics is the perfect match for a geek girl who loves makeup! I can't wait to dive into these colours and start wearing them!

You can find Victorian Disco Cosmetics on Etsy and full size pigments are $4.50 USD, with sample bags or jars available for all colours.
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