Saturday, 28 January 2012

Harry Potter and Final Fantasy inspired cosmetics

I can't wait until my next 20 parcels arrive from Victorian Disco Cosmetics! You think I'm exaggerating, ok, I am, but only just!  I couldn't wait for them to arrive because I wanted to share with you before they're sold out. Btw, these are limited editions! Once they're gone, they're gone! eeeep!

I ordered several colours from the Sailor Moon inspired collection, Sailor Scouts collection, which is a permanent part of the range. I had ordered samples of all the colours in the collection and swatched them here if you're interested.

Today I want to share some of what I've got coming (don't worry, I will be swatching), but I couldn't wait and didn't want anyone to miss out on these amazing collections!

House Points 

The first collection is the newest - just unveiled on Friday 27th Jan 2012. Not to sound smug, but I *knew* this was coming. Okay, well I knew something Harry Potter-related was on its way. There were a few hints on twitter, and okay some begging too, but Smashley made it happen!

Hogwarts Founders Fan Art from EvaAngel at DeviantArt
That's right. House Points is a collection named after the Hogwarts Founders!

There are 4 gorgeous colours available:

Godric - Rust red with a golden sheen and shimmer.
Helga - Deep rose golden color with golden sheen.
Rowena - Bright slate blue with silver sparkles and shimmer.
Salazar - Shamrock green with bright silver shimmers.

Colour descriptions are from VDC. Aren't they lovely?! I've already ordered all 4, and cannot wait to try them out!

Here's a swatch from VDC for you to gush over!

These are available full size for $4.50 USD each, or get all 4 for $15.00 USD. There is also a small jar set available as well.

Crystalline Affections

The other limited edition is a special for Valentine's Day, inspired by Final Fantasy. These colours come in couples inspired by characters from various Final Fantasy video games.

Cloud x Tifa from FFVII

(left) Tifa - Reddish brown with golden glitter and red flecks
(right) Cloud - Deep blue with golden flecks

Cloud x Aeris from FFVII

(left) Aeris - Light pink with red and rose colored glitter
(right) Cloud - Deep blue with golden flecks

Squall x Rinoa from FFVIII

(left) Rinoa - Cornflower blue with blue flecks and blue sheen
(right) Squall - Deep brown with golden brown flecks and gold glitter

Zidane x Princess Garnet from FFIX

(left) Garnet - Reddish rust color with orange flecks and red glitter
(right) Zidane - Golden beige with golden flecks

Tidus x Yuna from FFX and FFX-2

(left) Yuna - Very light lavender with pink flecks
(right) Tidus - Yellowish gold with golden flecks

Wakka x Lulu Garnet from FFX and FFX-2

(left) Lulu - Blackish purple with purple sheen and purple glitter
(right) Wakka - Golden orangey rust color with orange flecks and copper glitter

These pigments are available only as couples, for $8.00 each. There was also a 3-some of CloudxTifaxAeris, but that's already sold out.

I didn't buy all of these, and I have to confess that I've never even played FF, but I have watched some of it over the years. So I really picked based on colours.

My picks? You'll have to wait and see! Hit me up in the comments on your picks!

NB: All photos in this post courtesy of Victorian Disco Cosmetics

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