Thursday, 28 June 2012

MAC X-S lippie is extra-special

Okay, maybe not extra-special, but I thought that was catchy.

MAC X-S is a dark rich brownish red. It's a satin lipstick and like all MAC lippies I've ever owned, it has that signature lipstick smell, which sadly I'm not a fan of.

It's not moisturising, so I'd use a lip balm first, but it's extremely pigmented and gives a beautiful stain look.

Not a colour for everday for me, but perfect for making a statement.


  1. I've used Mac's eye make up before, but not tried the lipsticks. What do they smell of that's off-putting?

    Ali x

    1. It's kind of a vanilla-y cake batter-y smell, I think. Most people like it. They don't have any taste tho, so it doesn't affect wear. x


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