Friday, 22 June 2012

Love at first coat... Seche Vite top coat

Okay, so Seche Vite's top coat is no secret, but that's not a good reason for not mentioning it.

It's my favourite top coat nail varnish. It dries quickly, and leaves my nails shiny and strong. I really adore this stuff, and haven't found anything better.

The only criticisms I can think about it, is that it can dry out (I sometimes I have to chuck the bottle towards the bottom cos it's gotten goppie. Of course, Seche sell a softener, but I was too lazy to try this, and just bought a new bottle instead). When I say it dries out, I mean, after a tonne of uses, and not any more drastically than any other nail varnish.

Also, I find that it pulls the polish away from the edges of the nail or shrinks when you apply it to already polished nails. Wait, let me explain. So, when I paint my nails fresh, it's fine and dandy and perfect. But in order to keep polish looking nice or prevent chipping, I've heard it's a good idea to apply top coat every day, but when I do this (i.e. apply Seche Vite a day or more later), I find it actually makes the shelf-life of my nail polish worse than if I'd left it alone. Anyone else find this happening to them too?

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