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As always, clearing out in an effort to make more room!

Here you'll find any makeup, beauty products, anime, manga, collectables, shoes, and clothing that I'm clearing out. You may find a bargain here - try something without paying full price to see if you really like it. 

All makeup that has been used will have been sanitized as much as possible, and in the case of eyeshadows, applicators that have been used will *not* be included. Please feel free to email me any questions or concerns.

If you're interested in anything, send me an email at: isolde [dot] beauty [at] gmail [dot] com

Payment can only be accepted by Paypal. S&H will be estimated on a case-by-case basis (weight of item/s). All items will ship from the UK. Local collection is possible, if you're in Oxford.


   Anime & Manga     



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Anime Cards and Collectables

I have cards from the following anime series (NB: L'arc is not an anime!). Please let me know if you're interested and I can provide scans/details! The pic below is just a sample of some of the cards I have - not all!

Card Captor Sakura
Kaitou St Tail
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Kare Kano (aka His and Her Circumstance)
L’Arc~en~ciel (Japanese rock band, not an anime!)
Marmalade Boy
Record of Lodoss War
Rurouni Kenshin
Sailor Moon
Tenchi Muyo! (aka No Need for Tenchi)

Rainie Yang 10 Years of Rainie Live (十年有丞 楊丞琳 異想天開 Live) DVD

Condition: new and still sealed
Region: None (made in Taiwan)
Language: Mandarin Chinese (no English subtitles)
Contents: 2 Discs include Rainie Yang’s live concert in Taipei 2011 as well as a 10th year anniversary special documentary.

十年有丞 楊丞琳 異想天開 Live 實錄
→ 26首美夢成真 2 DVD 最精彩珍藏 & 楊丞琳十話十說最真10 紀錄片

 DVD 1

01. 曖昧
02. 任意門
03. 狼來了
04. 異想天開
05. 理想情人
06. 單眼皮
07. 甜心咒
08. 匿名的好友
09. 缺氧
10. 可愛
11. 冷戰
12. 只想愛你

 DVD 2
13. 調皮的愛神
14. 帶我走
15. 過敏+倔強+折疊式愛情+小茉莉
16. 新流感
17. 太煩惱
18. 青春鬥
19. 帽子戲法
20. 我的愛吊點滴
21. 你是壞人
22. 慶祝
23. 雨愛
24. 遇上愛

NTSC DVD9 長度約180min 全區

中文字幕 螢幕比16:9 聲音:STEREO/ DOLBY 5. 1

1. 浪漫異想 精選組曲:曖昧+缺氧+匿名的好友+帶我走+小茉莉+雨愛

2. 奇幻異想 精選組曲:任意門+單眼皮+慶祝+遇上愛


When I am selling clothing, handbags, shoes, etc, I often put them on eBay. You can see my latest auctions here: umi's eBay auctions.

See what umi has for auction currently

Last updated 7 April 2014.


  1. Hey could I have the three Lancôme eyeshadows compacts of still available.

    1. Of course, send me an email at: isolde [dot] beauty [at] gmail [dot] com, afraid I don't have a way of emailing you. Please let me know where your shipping address is, so I can calculate shipping. Thanks! x


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