Friday, 9 December 2011

Chanel Glossimer 119 Wild Rose and 158 Braise Lip Gloss Review and Swatch

While my moms was visiting, she was kind enough to treat me to a couple of Chanel's levres scintillantes glossimers in the following shades:
  • 119 Wild Rose (rose pink with silvery glitter)
  • 158 Braise (a dark blue red with gold glitter)

Swatches: Wild Rose on top, Braise on bottom.

I'll admit, I was still a bit sore on missing out on Chanel's holiday release Triomphal, which was a deep true red with red glitter, so went for Braise in an attempt to appease my craving for a red lip gloss. Although Braise looks red in the tube, it was actually fairly sheer and doesn't really give me a bright red on my lips. I couldn't believe it was the same colour! It looked so blue red in the tube, but looked warm on my swatch! My lips are fairly dark, so Braise doesn't add as much as I'd hoped for. I am still pleased with how it looks, but Wild Rose is by far my favourite of the two. Wild Rose is fairly pigmented and looks lovely with my skin tone (if I do say so myself! ^.^) The sparkles also seem to shine more in Wild Rose, and I just love its pigmentation! So lush!

I have to admit to being a massive fan of Chanel lip glosses, ever since I picked up my first, it's been a love affair. They are fairly tacky (i.e. sticky) and have decent staying power. I usually find they last 2-3 hours on me, unless I eat or drink. I often wear them alone and I probably own more of these than any other lip gloss. Don't make me count, it would probably be embarrassing! >_<

What's your favourite lip gloss? 


  1. Love love love the swatch of Wild Rose! I would love to layer Braise on top of another color. Overall I think they both work but in different ways.

  2. I know, right! Wild Rose looks great on its own, but I've been wearing Braise over a couple different red lipsticks this week for the xmas show and it's looked fab!


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