Tuesday, 6 December 2011

You always remember your first... Chanel purchase

I love Chanel packaging. I know it's silly, but my heart just speeds up when I see those lovely black boxes with gold/silver trim that all their makeup comes packaged in. I still remember my first Chanel purchase. It was when I was still in university, and I felt like I should start being a grown-up and wearing makeup. I had recently been shopping with my cousin in NYC, who despite being younger than me, had better sense with makeup. I remember we went up to a makeup counter in a department store and the sales lady told us what colour lipstick would suit us. She said a nude or light brown would look natural but with a bit of colour.

So when I was back in Santa Barbara, I went up to my local Chanel counter and asked for help in selecting a beige, nude lipstick. Chanel Infrarouge lipstick in 25 Beach was the result. I loved this colour. Sadly I don't have a swatch to share with you, as it's since been discontinued (Why, Chanel? WHY?), but you can see some reviews of it here. I wish I had bought more! Well, okay, I do have one left, but it's old and hard. Even so, I can't bear to part with it. I keep looking for its dupe, but have yet to find anything so lovely!

I've been busy this week with the Christmas Show at work. Okay that sounds silly, but it's actually a really big deal. We have 4 shows of sketches, singing, and dancing after work, so that basically means this week I'm like a zombie working all day, then setting up a stage, putting on a show, taking apart a stage and heading home each day this week. Yep, that means like no free time! Since you all can't come watch (thankfully), I'll let Lady Gaga entertain you instead.

Do you remember your first Chanel purchase?

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