Saturday, 3 December 2011

OPI, Nicole by OPI at Colourcopia: Shopping at London Westfield Part 3

On my last trip to London Westfield, I also visited Colourcopia which is a shop that specializes in carrying all of OPI's current products, including nail/skin care and Nicole by OPI nail polishes.  This place is an OPI lover's paradise!

I also had the chance to make my first Nicole by OPI purchase!

I had seen this polish on Scrangie and was lusting after it. I never imagined I'd actually be able to get my hands on it! It was a bit of a decision between Spring Romance (Rose Pink Hearts with opal-like glitter) and Step 2 The Beat of My Heart (part of Justin Bieber's collection! Red, Pink, and Purple Hearts with opal-like glitter). I decided that this would be a novelty polish for me, and so I should only get one, so I opted for Spring Romance.

I put a quick coat on, mainly because other reviewers have said how difficult it is to work with the hearts. I think knowing what to expect makes a big difference, so I didn't find it that troublesome. I also only planned that I'd get one heart per nail with one coat. As a novelty, I think it's great. It won't be an everyday polish for me, but it sure makes me feel special and I like the challenge of getting the hearts on. Also, each time you use it it won't give exactly the same look (i.e. hearts in different places). Sorry about the quality of the photo!

Are there any novelty polishes you're craving?


  1. I LOVE this color!! I want some now!!
    I wish those Hunger Games and Harry Potter colors were truly available. I like to polish my nails :)

  2. I would send you some, but apparently you can't send nail polish internationally! Boo.

    Ha ha, it would be dangerous, I don't know if I could afford to buy the whole Harry Potter line... and I would want to!


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