Sunday, 18 December 2011

Softbank commercials crack me up! Love Jiro!

Okay, sorry, this isn't really a beauty related post. Well, I suppose it's kinda beauty related... if you consider that you need laughter and variety to be beautiful. Am I stretching too far? Okay, well I just felt like sharing today.

Softbank is a Japanese telecommunications company and cell/mobile phone service provider and I love their commercials. That sounds kinda sad, but they are hilarious! They've had this on-going series of adverts talking about their family package deals which involve a very strange typical Japanese family called the White family.

Why are they strange? Well, they're not. They're very stereo-typically Japanese, except for the minor detail that the father is actually a dog, and the son is black.

Here's one of my favourites, where the son proposes to his GF, but she just wants to be on the friends plan, rather than the family plan and dad has some timeless advice.

I know that some of these aired ages ago, but I love them. They really make me smile, so I felt like sharing as I discovered some new ones today with Matsuda Shota (松田翔太) who is a fairly famous Japanese actor. He was in the ever popular Hana Yori Dango Japanese drama series, as well as other dramas such as Liar Game (also adapted from a popular manga) and Love Shuffle (I really recommend this drama if you haven't seen it!)  Anyway, I found some of the CMs with Matsuda Shota in them, with english subs (you may need to click on the 'cc' to make them appear!). He joins the family in an unexpected way! Okay, so I could only find the first 2 with English subs, but included the 3rd and 4th parts I could find as they are too funny not to include! 

Jiro (Dad, the dog) isn't happy about his new grandfather and grandma scolds him for being rude.

New Grandpa is back, and he's impressing all the ladies of the White family, and Dad-Jiro is still not impressed. 

I love these! I hope you enjoyed them too! 

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  1. Me and my son just watched those. Whereas we only had dialogue we could understand in the first one, we still cracked up at all of them. Funny stuff. The tone of the commercial was obvious. Thanks for the morning giggles.


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