Sunday, 25 December 2011

Banana Republic Madmen Collection Begonia Dress for Christmas

I've been shopping in the US and I have to say, I love shopping in the US! Everything is so much cheaper than the UK. There's tonnes more selection, and the shopping centres are open all the time! (well, practically!). Even though we ventured out on Christmas Eve (YES, Christmas Eve), we hit no traffic, had no problems parking and barely had to queue! I even could get into the fitting rooms without a wait at all! This *never* happens to me in the UK, let alone in the run-up to Christmas when it's a total zoo!

I thought I'd share a bargain that we found at Banana Republic! It's this blue and grey Begonia dress from the Madmen Collection that was released this autumn.

I had seen this online and was so tempted by it, but I didn't really want to shell out all the money. Closer to Christmas I actually received a couple emails from UK Banana Republic alerting me to some sales. Some of the Madmen Collection was still available, in fact, this dress in a pink and grey and I was so tempted, but just didn't have the time to go down to London to check it out.

Well, the universe wanted to unite me with this dress! When I walked into Banana Republic, there it was in blue and grey, which was actually my preference and on sale. I tried a couple of sizes, and luckily they had one that fit me well in stock and so bought it! (Okay, my mom bought it for me!)

It got even better! They were having some sort of super clearance sale, so the dress actually rang up as $25.00!! It was on sale for $50, which I thought was a great deal from the full retail of $150! But hot damn, $25! That's a great deal for a nice dress.

Awesome sale, Banana Republic! I'm a seriously satisfied customer!

Of course, I hit some other stores too, and maybe I'll blog about that soon! I hope everyone's been having a wonderful holiday weekend! What did Santa bring you?

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