Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf Fashion Inspiration: Bows and Hairbands

For those of you who know me, you know my ultimate style icon is the character of Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester on the US TV show Gossip Girl. I especially love her preppy looks with big bows and feminine details. She's also never seen in anything other than a dress or skirt. (I think she may have worn trousers like once!). Everything she wears just gels so much with me. I dig the tights, the skirts, the bows, the frills, and even quite a bit of her attitude (should I admit that!?)

If you had to pick one item in the wardrobe that eptimizes Blair Waldorf, it would have to be the head bands (or alice bands). Although we're now on Season 5 and Blair isn't sporting them as often, I still can't get enough of them!

I love her chocolate tresses with those bright hair bands! Nothing looks as striking against her beautiful shiny dark hair as a bright red or white bow and band. Unfortunately, I don't have dark gorgeous hair, but over the last few years have had pale blonde, dirty blonde, bright red, and dark blonde hair shades, and have always looked for colours that contrast with whatever shade I'm sporting. I found that a dark brown hair band looks amazing with pale blonde, and navy with dark blonde, black with red hair, and so on. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from wearing any colour! My personal favs are dark brown, blues, greens, and gold.

Here's some of my stash!

I can't help looking in accessory shops and picking up a headband if I see an ace one! I think they can really finish an outfit giving a polished look with minimal effort.

Still coveting Blair's hair bands? I've found a few places on Etsy that you can get dupes! (All pics below taken from Etsy pics)

 Blair's Bow II $20.00 USD

Pearl Bow Headband $10.00 USD

Gossip Girl Blair Black Velvet Bow Headband $25.00 USD

Now I'm tempted to expand my collection!


  1. Love headbands! I used to wear them SO MUCH. I don't anymore because they always disappear from my bathroom *cough*Daughter*cough*. Still, I adore them.

  2. The things we have in common never cease to amaze me! Thankfully I don't have anyone stealing my headbands tho! At least the daughter has good taste!

  3. I'm a headband kind of girl myself! LOVE!


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