Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks EX01 Pure Coral Review

I picked up a few items from Lunasol's Spring release. The first I'm going to share with you is a limited edition blush: Glowing Powder Cheeks EX01 Pure Coral.
This was my first Lunasol blush experience, but when I saw that a coral colour was coming out, I decided to treat myself. 

The packaging is a bit unusual for Lunasol. Usually everything is dark bronze, metallic, and very shiny. Very hefty feeling as well. The Glowing Powder Cheeks come in a cardboard packaging. The lid of the blush is held in place by a stretch-band. Although it's all paper, it feels pretty sturdy and it looks like there is a metal pan supporting the blush itself. This packaging reminds me of Benefit's blushes.
When you lift the lid, there's a brush and a little plastic tray that separates the blush from the brush. The brush is useful, but I wouldn't say it's amazing or life-changing. 

I do want to comment on the quality of the formula; it's amazing. There is a slight shimmer to the colour, but it's not strong, and there's no scent, but the powder is so soft. It feels like touching a very high quality velvet, but lighter. I think that's the best I can do. It's definitely a powder, but it's so smooth, it's incredible. 

I swatched it on my arm above. It was hard to really capture this colour. It's pretty light, but really lovely. A little bit goes a long way. When I applied to my arm with the brush, it was almost impossible to capture with my camera (apologies for my lack of camera skills -_-;;) 

Such a lovely colour for Spring, I'm very pleased with it.


  1. That reminds me so much of Benefit's blushers, but without any shimmer. Are they around the same price? That's around £22.00.

    1. Just a smidgen more, they're 3500 yen, which at the moment is about £27. I've never tried Benefit's blushers tho, I wonder how the formula is.


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