Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 07 lovely tulip Review and Swatch

I don't own many blushes, but I had been dying to get my hands on the gorgeous Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts (ジルスチュアート ミックスブラッシュ コンパクト) and I decided on 07 in lovely tulip.

As usual, not a cheap product from Jill Stuart, this retails for 4,500 yen for 8g of product, but comes in a super princessy packaging with a detachable blush brush. 

07 lovely tulip, like all the Mix Blush Compacts contains a quad of blushes including a white highlighter type shade, light pink, a bright peach and a bright pink. The white colour has a glimmer of shimmer to it that hopefully shows in the swatch, but is barely noticeable. I find this gives me a glowly look, and the sparkle isn't noticeable at all (which is unusual for a Jill Stuart product!) 

Swatches were hard to capture as this blush is so sheer. Personally I find that a good thing, as I'm fairly pale, I don't need a lot of colour and it's much easier for me if I have a light blusher. Anyway, I swatched each of the quads below, and tried to take a mixed shot, but couldn't get the camera to really see it. Sorry I really need to figure out this camera business.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this blush compact. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it looks delicate on! it's a real treat and I'm glad I finally tried this!

What do you think?


  1. I love the casing for this! SO feminine and, like you said, princessy. The colors really are delicate and I know several people who benefit from that. Having puffy cheeks I need darker colors to create shadow illusions of cheekbones, but believe me, if I had a slender face I would love delicate pinks. I think they make someone look alive and vibrant!

  2. I love Jill Stuart's packaging. It really makes you feel like royalty using it, especially love that this one comes with a big brush.


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