Friday, 24 August 2012

Taiwanese Idol Rainie Yang Inspiration: Kawaii

Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) has been one of my favourite C-pop idols for years. She's a young and talented singer and actress from Taiwan and will always hold a place in my heart for her inspiring style. I also happen to like many of her songs/albums and am quite a fan of her dramas.

I would say her signature style is kawaii, or cute (or if you speak Chinese, keai). She always looks adorable and angelic. She can also pull off glamorous and sophisticated as well. In the last few years, she has really been maturing her look and has appeared in Vogue and Marie Claire (okay, yeah in Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Here are some of my favourite looks of hers. I hope you enjoy.

Love her smile and her shorter hair. She pulls off elegant effortlessly.

Love this dress on Rainie, and her sexy look!

In HK Vogue, showing us the sophisticated Rainie.

Looking gorgeous on the red carpet in Chanel. I love her makeup, hair, dress, and shoes. So lovely and playful.

Such a genuine smile - so radiant.

In Vogue - I love this look and this dress is so beautiful!
Rainie often appears on Tawainese variety TV Programmes and is always good natured.

There's that kawaii smile again! I also love her hair in this one.

Rainie inspires me, and many of favourite makeup looks have been inspired by her. I love her big sparkly but still natural-looking eyes and dewy complexion. I also love her attitude. She's the type of girl who is thankful for her opportunities and is always thanking her fans (sometimes rather emotionally!).

Equally, I'm looking forward to what else she has to show us. She has just released a new album, and I can't wait to hear it!

More of Rainie's music can be found here.

Does Rainie or any other idols/artists inspire you?

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