Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipgloss Mad About Melon Review and Giveaway

I'm in the US and it's so dry here it's unreal. Okay, it's not that dry, but my lips are really noticing and begging for some moisture. I hit the local drug store and picked up a few lip products to try. One of them was Maybelline's Shine Sensational Lipgloss which I hadn't heard of before. I randomly picked out no. 70 Mad About Melon based soley on the colour - I wasn't sure if they tasted like the name or not.

I'm pretty happy with my purchase. My lips feel much better. Ah, moisture! I like the colour as well. Light colour that's barely noticeable on the lips, but tonnes of shine and sparkle. And, these do taste/smell. So while I'm not actually mad about melon myself, I like melon, but I don't really wanna taste it all the time, it is a neat idea. I'd especially recommend it if you like flavoured glosses. I got this for just under $6, but apparently Target has it for as little as $4. If I can find it for $4, I may be tempted to get a few more. I'm not massive on flavoured glosses, but all in all, I'd give another a try especially with names like: Minty Sheer, Cherry Bloom, Freshly Sliced, Glamourous Guava, Mad About Melon, Crazy for Caramel, Cocoa Fever, Berry Dazzle, Cranberry Crave, Crushed Candy, Peach Sorbet, Treat Me Sweet, Cherry Kiss, Watermelon Punch, Berry Bella, Sweet Indulgence, Sparkling Grape, and Tempting Toffee.

Have you tried it? Are there any flavours or colours that tempt you?

Would you like to try one for free?

Shine Sensation Lipgloss Giveaway on Isolde Beauty

That's right, I'm doing my first giveaway! A brand-new Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipgloss in 80 Watermelon Punch could be yours!

How to enter: 

This is open to anyone and everyone - worldwide. I am shipping this from the US and will choose the appropriate shipping method once I confirm where the winner is located.

You can enter 3 ways. 

1. Tweet a link to Isolde Beauty. You can send to the giveaway page or any of my blog, just make sure to @IsoldeBeauty and then comment below, to the effect of 'I've tweeted!' and your twitter name unless it's obvious or I already know it. This can only be done once.

2. Join this site and leave a comment below along the lines of 'I've joined!' If you're already ready a member, you're awesome, so you get two entries. But you have to comment twice. You can post along the lines of 'I'm already a member!' If you're new, you can only do this once. If you're a member already, you get two entries for this.

3. Don't have twitter or want to join my site but still want to enter? (Or just want another chance to win?) Go ahead and explore Isolde Beauty and leave a new comment on any of my other posts (no spamming please! If you don't have anything to say, please resort to 'Thanks for sharing' or something like that), then come back here and say something like 'I read and commented.' You can do this only once.

The giveaway is open from the posting of this post on 3rd January 2012 at 10:30 GMT (5:30am EST) and closes 8th January 2012 00:00 GMT (7th Jan 7:00pm EST).

Good luck and I hope you like my first giveaway!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone who entered! Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Sunday 8th January!


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