Monday, 7 November 2011

Lace Skater Dress and other new arrivals at Oasis

One of my favourite UK high street clothing shops is Oasis. I know, I know, they can be pretty pricey, but most of their stuff is high quality and I buy my clothes to last. Plus I've bought so many classic dresses here, that it's hard not to have a look in when passing by! Well, I was lucky and happened to pop in when they were having a promotional 25% off. What luck indeed! I was actually shopping for someone else at the time, but *shock* *gasp* I managed to pick myself up one of these lovely Lace Skater dresses. They come in black, cream, brown, and navy. Which one do you prefer?

Well, I bought the navy one. Navy was actually my preference, as I'd seen the dresses online earlier ^_^;; It's incredibly cute and stylish. I was actually slightly worried about the lace sleeves. You see, I have big arms for my size. Seriously, they just are fatter apparently compared to other ladies who wear my size, so I've kind of gotten used to buying and trying on certain types of sleeves. I was vastly relieved when I got it home and my usual size 'S' fit my arms. Okay, the lace is a bit snug on the upper arms, but it doesn't look bad at all. I can't wait for the right opportunity to wear this dress.

Now, maybe you can help me decide on a couple of things that I'm still tempted by at Oasis.

First, Mini School Satchel Bag. Ok, I have tonnes of bags >_< but this one looks awesome. They have it green, blue, and black. The downside is that it's £22.00 and *not* leather. I know UK high street retailers worship at the altar of the pleather fake leather goddess, but I'm just so not a fan. When I shell out 22 squids, I want leather. But they are super cute. So what do you think? Yes or no? And if yes, green or blue? I'm leaning towards green because it's funkier and one of my fav colours, but perhaps blue goes more with my wardrobe and looks more classic. Thoughts?

Second, the holiday season is around the corner and you can NEVER ever have *too* many party dresses and this lovely Deep Green Satin Belted Dress has caught my eye. It's a bit pricey at £75, but it looks pretty glam, doesn't it? Or do you think the satin look has passed? Thoughts?

You can also get 5% cashback if you shop at Oasis through Quidco, which I always do. Except for when I'm in the shops and an amazing offer presents itself! 

So what do you think about the dresses and the bags?


  1. Satin is never gone fully in my opinion. It may come in and out of season (I never listen to those people anyhow) but when it comes to the holidays, satin is certainly always in.

    Love love love the lace skater dresses at the top of the blog. I would probably buy black because I always buy black. I just do. I really do like the blue though. I find the burgundy lace to look like dirty arms. The pink doesn't work with the pattern at all. Overall nice dresses, but the color choices are too limited.

  2. Glad you think so, DJ! I am *totally* lusting after that green satin dress! It is a dress that won't let me eat my way through the holidays tho!

    The black lace skater dress is a classic! Actually when I picked up this dress in shop, my friend asked if I was going for an Emma Watson look which had not occured to me. ^.^

  3. Ooooh. I actually like these. Very classy. I can't say that I know a whole lot about fashion but I love them. Wouldn't be caught dead in one without some weight loss first though ha ha.


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