Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lancôme Color Focus Palette 311 Parure d'Etoiles Review and Swatch

I've had this Lancôme eyeshadow palette in my collection for awhile now and felt like digging it out for a review. It's one that I thought I'd like when I bought it but haven't quite managed to find its place in my life. Do you have any products like that? I know I do. Clothes as well! Ep >_< 

I've read some reviews by other bloggers online and people seem to be impressed with this quad. I have to say, I'm not that impressed. I hate to be negative, because it's not a horrible palette, in fact it's all right, but that's the problem for me. It's kinda of meh. I don't find the shadow as smooth or sparkly as I might like, so maybe it's personal. I am also disappointed by the dark blue which comes out black on my eyes.

I also found the colours not be as flattering as I'd hoped they would on my eyes. I might just not have the right skin tone or something. I do however really like the two lighter blue shades, they are really lovely. I just haven't managed to find the right look with them. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow that one blue does look so dark in the swatch. Lancome has a good rep so I would expect it to be more true to appearance. I suppose all companies have a fail palette from time to time.


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