Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lunasol 桃香浄化 Spring Preview

I know it's only just November and I'm already dreaming about Lunasol's Spring release (titled 桃香浄化)! The theme is flower-related, so we can probably look forward to some flowery-inspired names. The editor of Frau (a Japanese magazine) has blogged all about it. It's in Japanese, but worth checking out for the pictures!

The spring release includes:

I am seriously lusting after those Petal Pure Eyes quads! I was just thinking about how I seriously need to get another Lunasol quad. I think I'll wait for this release. I may have to get all 3. >_<

Oh well, these release in Japan on 2nd February 2012.

Do any of them catch your eye?

Update: Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks EX01 Pure Coral review
Update: Lunasol Petal Pure Eyes Review: Sweet Peach 


  1. The one of the left of the Pure Petal quad really makes me excited. The shape of the lipstick case was very pretty, I'd like to see more of their colors. The lipstick itself seems very smooth and silky.

    I do have to be honest, the blushes seemed to shimmery for my taste. It could be the lighting, but it seemed sparkly.

    Overall I am intrigued by the product line!

    Side note: Looks like my best bet in America is Ebay for about $50-$55 a quad.

  2. Oh, if only we could go have a play with them, right?

    I've got a couple of Lunasol lipsticks and they are so smooth and silky. The only trouble is it's hard to get good swatches online, so I often don't want to commit to purchase. The couple that I do have go on really sheer. I think that's true of Lunasol in general, all the shades can be applied very sheer for a natural barely there look.

    You could also try I've ordered from there a couple of times too. I usually go to cos I know what I'm getting, and they tend to carry all the major Japanese brands.


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