Monday, 28 November 2011

Burberry Small Smoked Check Bowling Bag & Bicester Village escapades

So the mother is back on her way home, but I took the day off and had a bit of me-time. I decided to head over to Bicester Village outlet shopping centre and managed to do some damage to my credit card! 

I hit up Calvin Klein underwear and got some deals on bras (only £10 each on my favs!). Although they're pretty pricey usually, I really lucked out today. I probably looked a bit weird as I bought about 6! Seriously, they are so wonderful. I find them both adorable to look at (or look in!) and comfortable to wear all day long! That's hard to achieve! 

In Burberry, I couldn't resist picking this beauty up: 

This little bag is so cute and I managed to nab it for 35% off. I am actually going to start using it tomorrow! Honest. 

I was surprised how busy Bicester Village was today. I mean, it's a Monday, don't you people have jobs? Well, apparently I'm one of the few! (I had a well earned day off ^.^) Actually, there were a lot of tourists. I mean, seriously, the car park was so full I had to do a full circle and stalk people back to their cars to park. That's bad! I guess people are also starting on their Christmas & holiday shopping! 

I was also excited to check out the Cosmetics Company Store which carries MAC products as well as other beauty brands. You can read a great post by Karen on the Makeup and Beauty Blog about this 'mysterious' company! It also looks like the one Karen visited in Napa was way better stocked than the one I visited at Bicester Village. They had some MAC stuff, but not much, just a few eye shadows, blushes, and nail varnishes. I didn't see any lipsticks, or glosses. Most of what they did have looked like they came from limited edition ranges like Surf Baby or Disney Villains. I wasn't too impressed. Also, the discount wasn't that great (eye shadows marked down from £11.50 to £8.50). Shame. 

Now I'm just sitting back and enjoying catching up on my latest Japanese drama Watashi ga ren'ai dekinai riyuu (私が恋愛できない理由). It's about these ladies looking for love... ha ha, aren't they all? Seriously it's soo good! 

Are you watching any dramas? For my US readers, did you venture out for Black Friday?

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