Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shopping online with H&M: delivery leaves much to be desired

So recently placed an order with H&M online and wasn't impressed with the delivery.

First off, was really excited when H&M started offering online shopping as there isn't an H&M where I live.

But they wouldn't deliver to my office cos it wasn't a safe location.

I spoke to someone on the phone (it was a premium rate number btw) and she told me that H&M don't deliver to large businesses because it's not safe for customer's orders. Apparently some customers orders have gone missing after being delivered to businesses. (Personally, I think if you want it delivered to your business, you take the risk of it getting lost at said business... and I'm not sure why this would matter to H&M.... )  I explained that because I work 9-5, I can't be at home to receive a delivery, so sending it to my work is safe for me. She assured me that the courier would require a signature and I could rearrange for them to deliver during evening hours or on Saturday. Neither of which sounded very appealing to me. In theory, yes, but in reality I imagined this to be a nightmare!

Then I got the notification that my order was being shipped out. 5 days later I came home around 10pm and got in the door and had a slip from the courier. Although I hadn't signed for the parcel, the note from the courier said 'left in bush'.

UM, what?

Yeah, so I went back outside in the dark, and they put my package in the dirt buried under a bush at the front of my house. It was covered in dirt and rain. Brilliant.

 I really don't want my new clothes put in the dirt. Totally unimpressed.

Based on this experience, I can honestly say I won't be shopping on H&M online again. Ridiculous.

Although, luckily, H&M opens in Oxford city centre tomorrow, the 6th March 2014, which looks much more promising!

Have you had an awful online shipping experiences?

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