Tuesday, 20 December 2011

BlanX Advanced Whitening Review: Keep those smiles sparkling

I often get teased for having a bit of a dental obsession. I brush and floss and currently have all my own teeth without any cavities. I would also like to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. I've never been one for wanting bright white teeth, but I do have teeth that stain easily. No, I'm serious. Ya know when you go to the hygienist (or dentist) and you've just had your teeth polished and they're nice and shiny? Well, I have one cup of tea, one glass of red wine and boom, that's all gone! My teeth are healthy, they just absorb stain like a sponge. It was just something I'd come to accept and look forward to my professional cleaning twice a year, when on my last trip to the hygienist I asked her if she could recommend any toothpaste for a poor soul like me. She recommended I try BlanX.

BlanX have a range of natural products that whiten your teeth. I've tried a couple of the toothpastes, Advanced Whitening and Sensitive Teeth. Both toothpastes non-abrasive so they don't damage enamel and use an ingredient from natural Arctic Lichen which kills bacteria and plaque.

Arctic Lichen? Yeah I know, I was skeptical at first but honestly I've found this toothpaste to be amazing. It claims to whiten your teeth to its natural colour and since I've used it since having my teeth professionally cleaned I've found that my teeth haven't stained as quickly or as easily as usual. In fact, I managed to keep my teeth totally unstained for at least 4 months after cleaning! That's an amazing record for me, so I have to say I'm impressed.

I would recommend you try BlanX too if you're prone to tea or coffee stained teeth, but don't want to be. The only downside to this toothpaste is that it's fairly expensive, it retails at £7.49 for 100 mL of product, but luckily I grab this at Boots on 3 for 2. This is a lot more than the usual price of toothpaste, but if the stain bothers you that much, it might be worth it. After all, I plan on keeping my teeth for a *long* time, so I don't mind investing if it makes a difference.


  1. This sounds wonderful thank you for sharing, x

  2. I definitely like to keep my teeth shiny. I wonder if this is an American possibility.

    One question though: how does it taste?

  3. It's got a light mint taste. Not as strong as most other toothpastes I've used, however I actually prefer that.

    Yeah, looks difficult to get in the US, saw it on Amazon for $22 a tube, but ebay might be worth a try. I just saw some for under $8.


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