Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dreaming of Oscar

Yes, I'm daydreaming of Oscar. Oscar de la Renta that is. Well, okay, it's more like swooning over some Oscar de la Renta dresses.

It's a bit like dreaming tho, because I'm pretty sure unless I start selling my organs on the black market I can't afford these.

Even so, they are gorgeous aren't they?

Oscar de la Renta, £1333.20

Oscar de la Renta, £4,013

I really love these two. They just want to join my wardrobe and scream to be worn. But yes, oh, dear those price tags will keep me dreaming for now!

Actually, just heard about Oscar de la Renta at Outnet, 24 pieces available from the 26th Feb. Yay! Okay, I know it's available now but I wrote this in advance! Can't wait to see them. For a chance to win a dress and £500 to spend on the collection, check out Outnet here.

I've been blogging about a lot about fashion lately. I've been kinda on a dress kick.

Another kick I've been on is following a new workout regime. I've done about a week of a new workout DVD, SparkPeople's 28 Day Bootcamp with Coach Nicole. Working out is not really in my nature. I was a very energetic kid. Swimming and gymnastics were some of my favourite activities, but as I've gotten older and started working I don't really have access to either. Boo to that! So I was kinda expecting this Bootcamp to kick my butt. Well, that hasn't happened, but I am feeling better. It's really easy and not too demanding, which means that I actually will do it everyday (or almost everday - they factor in some rest days). Will let you know how I feel when I actually complete the 28 days!

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