Sunday, 3 February 2013

Winter boots sale at Clarks

This weekend I was on a shopping mission.

Sadly, or thankfully depending how you look at it, it was not for me. No, the boyfriend was in need of some new shoes.

I'm only human, of course, so when shopping for shoes for him, I still saw some lovely things for her.

First stop was Clarks and I was pretty impressed with some of the offerings for the fairer gender.

Chorus Jazz - navy suede court pumps, £49.99

Majorca Isle - dark brown leather boots, £89.99 £59.99

Mortimer JudiW - dark brown leather boots, £120.00 £89.99

Meg Ruth - brown suede boots, £89.99

Did I behave myself?

Hrm... well I'd like to think so. I did end up getting a pair of boots that were on sale. I think that's all right tho.... since I have such woes finding boots.


  1. I love Clarks, they've really upped their game lately! xx

    1. Seriously! I was impressed. And they have half sizes, which earns a special place in my heart! xx


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