Monday, 7 January 2013

Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Makeup Preview

The concept for Jill Stuart's Spring 2013 makeup release is Innocent Sexy. 

This is one doozy of a release! Be warned, it will be hard to read this post without getting a major case of the lemmings!

Layer Blush Compact (5 shades) 4,725 yen

  • 01 baby berry
  • 02 pop sorbet
  • 03 relax smile
  • 04 juicy tint
  • 05 eternal femininity

Wow, eternal femininity is quite the name for a blush!

Mix Blush Compact N (5 shades) 4,725 yen

  • 01 baby blush
  • 02 fresh apricot
  • 03 milky strawberry
  • 04 candy orange
  • 05 sunny holiday

Okay... some of these look familiar to me.... like oh, say shades 01-04! They appear to be reissues of Mix Blush Compact in this new series called Mix Blush Compact N. Hmm... I dunno if we can really count this as a 'new release', but since there are a whopping 10 blushers in this lineup, I can let it slide.

Velvet Crystal Eyes (5 shades) 5,250 yen

  • 01 nudy venus
  • 02 first wink
  • 03 calm glance
  • 04 loved one
  • 05 mischievous girl

Oooooo. A new eye palette collection. Oh dear. This may be the death of my budget! Lots of lovely dark brown. Yay! Also intrigued by the 'velvet' aspect. Could these be matt? N'ah... or .... n'ah. Oh, I need to find out. 01 nudy venus I'm looking at you. Such easy to wear colours.

Update: Swatches of 01 nudy venus over on Kirei no Otomo

Jewel Crystal Eyes N (5 shades) 5,250 yen

  • 01 sweet amethyst
  • 02 pink cameo
  • 03 princess sapphire
  • 04 romantic onyx
  • 05 peridot harmony

Another reissue series, so most of these shades aren't new, again forgiven due to the sheer volume in this collection. 05 peridot harmony is at least a new shade and looks very intriguing. The second shade looks like a gold but does it have a hint of green as the name implies. I'd like to see some swatches of this one.

Nail Lacquer R (20 shades) 1,575 yen

20 shades? That's incredible. Yeah, it's another reissue series it seems. There may be some new colours but I'm not as familiar with the nail varnishes as they're hard purchase outside of Asia.

Lip Jewel (3 shades) 2,940 yen

  • 20 tropical beryl
  • 21 romantic grossular
  • 22 poetic almandine

Wow, really digging in the bottom of the beryl... ahem barrel for these names. Actually, I've heard of beryl, but grossular and almandine I have to admit I had to look up! Both in the garnet family... and garnet's my birth stone. Hm.. maybe I should have known!

Eye Brow Powder (3 shades) 3,360 yen - available 15th February

  • 01 light brown
  • 02 natural brown
  • 03 olive brown

And last but not least a new collection of eye brow shades. Interesting.

Yes, that's right, we have 10 blushes, 10 eyeshadow palettes, 20 nail polishes, 3 lip glosses, and 3 brow shades. Phew, even I'm exhausted! That's a lot of makeup.

They will be available from the 11th January, except for the Eye Brow Powders which release from the 15th February.

I can't wait for the release tho. I'm most looking forward to the Velvet Crystal Eyes. How about you?

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