Thursday, 24 January 2013

Futuristic metallics for Burberry Spring/Summer 2013

This Spring/Summer 2013 for Burberry features some serious metal work!

Bright Metallic Trench Coat, £1,995

They look futuristic and kinda funky, but there is something I really like about this look.

What a price tag tho! I love the metallic trench above. It comes in a range of brilliant jewel shades, and I would love to get my hands on the 'ink' colour.

Actually, I think I want that purple trench on the male model. Looks like tin foil. Love it.  

I'm less sure about the turtle neck or the dress shirt tho...

Metallic Silk Sweater £695
Metallic Cotton Shirt £350
On second thought, I do like that shirt in a suit... :)

For the more shy, you could still rock the metallic look with a handbag instead.

Large Metallic Leather Bowling Bag £1,295


Will you be sporting the metallic look this spring?

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  1. Not really sure on them metallic shirts


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