Monday, 14 January 2013

Lunasol Spring 2013 Makeup Preview

Model wearing Lunasol Spring 2013 makeup

On the 18th January this year, Lunasol will release its Spring makeup. Here are some of the highlights from the website:

I'm going to start with the eyeshadow palettes since they are always my favourite! This spring we're being treated to a total of 5 palettes, which is nice since we got 3 very similar looking releases for Spring 2012 with the Pure Petal Eyes.

Vivid Clear Eyes (5 shades) 5,250 yen

  • 01 Blue Green Collection
  • 02 Pink Collection
  • 03 Orange Collection
  • 04 Khaki Beige Collection
  • 05 Pink Beige Collection

I can't really tell from the pics whether these are shimmery, but I suspect they are. Curious to see how dark the bright splashes of colour are for the Blue Green, Pink, and Orange collections. Most of these shades don't really surprise me. Very typical OL (office lady) friendly Lunasol. I like the Blue Green and Pink Collection as they're a bit more out there. You can definitely see how the neon and bright 80s colours have influenced this release.

High Stylized Mascara SV (2 shades) 3,150 yen

  •  01 Clear Black
  • EX01 Natural Brown
Nice to see a mascara release with brown! Yay! I love brown mascara however I have been struggling to find a decent one. Sadly EX01 Natural Brown is only a special rather than a permanent addition but I may have to give it a try anyway. 

Brow Styling Compact (2 shades) 3,990 yen

  • GB03 Grayish Brown
  • BR03 Natural Brown

Coloring Cheeks N (3 shades) 2,625 yen

  • 01 Light Pink
  • 02 Light Coral
  • 03 Soft Beige Red
Three new shades of blush based on the Colouring Cheeks range. Very girly. I like it. 

Now onto the lips! 

Full Glamour Lips (5 new shades) 3,150 yen

  • 12 Light Coral Pink
  • 13 Light Pink
  • 14 Beige Coral
  • 15 Soft Beige
  • 16 Beige Pink

Full Glamour Liquid Lips (5 shades) 2,940 yen

  • EX08 Shining Clear Pink
  • EX09 Shiny Pink
  • EX10 Pure Coral
  • EX11 Red Beige
  • EX12 Shiny Coral Pink

Treatment Gloss (1 shade) 2,310 yen

  • 01 Pure Pink
And last, but not least 5 special edition nail polishes! 

Nail Finish N (5 shades) 1,575 yen

  • EX09 Vivid Blue Green
  • EX10 Vivid Pink
  • EX11 Vivid Orange
  • EX12 Vivid Yellow
  • EX13 Vivid Red

And we're ending it with a pop of colour like we saw in the eyeshadows! The 80s really are back. What a collection. I guess it was acceptable in the 80s <cheesy grin>

Anything catch your eye? 

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