Thursday, 7 March 2013

Testing my Britishness and some AKB48 puffy skirts

So, it's a bit of a random post today, sorry.

I'm really busy this week. Ya know, it's one of those weeks where literally everything that can happen EVER is happening? One of those. It's like the universe knows and just piles it on.

Ah, well, it's not really that bad. It's just full to the brim with stuff. Mostly work stuff that isn't exciting or something I can share here, but some of it has been personal. This I can share :)

This Friday I'm sitting my Life in the UK test. Wow, that felt like it would be bigger, but there it is. Altho I've been in the UK almost 8 years, I'd had various visas to allow me to stay. Now, after much excitment and hard work, I'm getting ready to get my ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). It's sort of like a green card for the UK. It means I can't get chucked out nearly as easily as I can now. Woo hoo! Once I have my ILR for a year, theeeeeeeeeeen I can apply for citizenship. But I need to pass the test of 'Britishness' for my ILR, which is why I am taking the 'citizenship' test now. Fun times.

Actually, it's not so bad. It's a bit out-dated memorising stats from the 2001 census and the price of a TV licence in 2006 (it was £131.50 btw), but that's just the way the test rolls. I know all sorts of stuff now. Like how many of you lot go to church, or what a devolved administration is. Actually, the gov't bit was the most interesting as I've taken an active disinterest in politics in general. My view has often been that while I can vote in the US, I don't live there, and where I do live, I can't vote, so what's the point? Stuff's gonna happen and I don't have much say, so why pay attention? Hopefully all that will be changing. Good times.

Wish me luck! If I fail, I'll have to resit the test, and annoyingly they are changing the test from the end of March, so I'll have to study all new stats (or something), yikes, so I'm planning on passing the first time.

I swear, I've been taking the Ami-approach to study and not Usagi-approach! (sorry, shameless Sailor Moon reference there).

Erm, maybe that should read 'Quit reading comic books blogging and study!!'

But as anyone who has ever had to study for anything ever knows, you amazingly find more time to do other things that you don't have time for. So I just wanted to share some cute outfits AKB48 were wearing when I was ahm watching Music Station (a Japanese music TV show) earlier when I should have been studying.
Well, I think they are cute in a weird way. I am weird, aren't I? I honestly would wear something like this, but I guess it's a bit out there. I'm just a sucker for puffy skirts.

If Jpop isn't your scene, you may have heard about AKB48 as they were in the news recently when a former member, Minami Minegishi, broke her agency's core rule of no-dating and so was missing from this performance. She shaved her head and made a public apology (it's available on YouTube). You read about it on the BBC News site here.


  1. I don't think I would pass one of the tests and I was born here! Ha. I'm sure you'll be fine, my brother moved to Oz a few years back and just got his citizenship =)

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks! I did pass and it was ridiculously easy. Can't believe I did all that studying.. ah well, better to be prepared! x


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