Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Hair, Old Music, and Questionable Pink Eyeliner

I just had my hair cut and coloured a bit! It always feel good after that. Nothing too dramatic this time, just had my roots touched up, so all my hair matches and a good cut so that all my hair is healthy. I actually am really happy with it!

Don't you just love a trip to the salon?

I've been browsing through my room at my mom's and found some of my old CDs (ha ha, some aren't that *old*) but been digging the Libertines again. Still debating on whether or not I can pull off the bright pink eye liner I bought. Do you have any questionable make-up purchases? What music do you listen to while pondering whether you really should or should not?


  1. Your hair looks cute!!!! I love to listen to Brenton Wood. he always puts me in a great mood. BTW: I'm back to playing with makeup again Thanks to YOU!!! :D

  2. aww, thanks! I'm glad you're back into makeup, Scar! There's always something for everyone.


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