Thursday, 18 October 2012

Superdry jackets just the ticket for fall

Superdry is a popular British clothing brand, that I noticed on my last trip to the US, doesn't seem to have 'broken' the US yet. So, I thought I might share it with some of my readers who haven't heard of it.

Superdry is a clothing chain that features some Japanese writing and I guess likes to kind of masquerade as a psuedo-Japanese brand. The most famous of their items, would be their jackets, which come in a variety of colours and thicknesses - from thin windcheaters (windbreakers) to 'artic polar' windcheaters which have a thick fleece lining.

I've been enjoying my technical windcheater in this chilly autumnal weather we've been having and when it gets colder, I have a polar one with fleece lining to switch to.

Here is just a small sample of some of the jackets you can order online. They start at £59.99 and offer free shipping to the UK, Europe (incl. Russia), the US, Mexico, and Canada. Blimey, that's impressive!

What do you think? Any catch your eye? I'm tempted to get the pink one..  something to brighten up the winter wardrobe, maybe? Hmm... We'll see!

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