Monday, 10 September 2012

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Jazzy Jasper Review

Jazzy Jasper (10) is one of the two new palettes in the Jewel Crystal Eyes series this Autumn 2012 from Jill Stuart. It's also a brown-based palette! Yes, I've been waiting for this!

Such a lovely palette.  I would describe the colours as follows (from left to right): 
  • silvery sparkle (white-base)
  • sparkly light pinky peach
  • bright peach with shimmer
  • chocolate brown with shimmer

I've been waiting for a palette like this from Jill Stuart. See the swatches below.

This is such a lovely combination of colours, and it's really nice to see a brown-based palette in the Jill Stuart collection. The last I can recall from their permanent collection was Amber Glaze (now discontinued), but it was more of a collection of golds and bronzes. This is really lovely for an everyday look. I threw a look together below.

Apologies for the quality of the look - I actually forget not only to take a picture until the end of the day (yes, this is after about 10 hours of wear), but also forgot to apply any mascara. Ah, please tell me I'm not alone in having days like those? :) 

I really am impressed with these, but unless you're dying for these shades from Jill Stuart, you can probably pass on this. I actually found the the two pink/peach shades not the most flattering on my skin. But I am a JS addict, especially for the eye palettes, so couldn't pass this up. I'll definitely be wearing it again. 

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in 10 Jazzy Jasper retails for 5,000 yen and is available now from Ichibankao.

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