Saturday, 29 September 2012

Francesca's Collection: another place for stylish dresses

While in the US visiting family, I discovered a new shop - well it's new to me! Also just found out, it does appear to be a chain with shops all over the US (sorry UK and other country readers!), so it's worth sharing, I thought. 

Francesca's Collection carries cute little dresses that are right up my alley. They also carry little gifts and other accessories as well. On the website they also have shoes and boots, but the actual physical shop I visited, didn't. 

Recital Lace Dress

I did end up picking up a couple of dresses, one of which was the recital lace dress above (US $48.00). They're currently having a 'Buy one, get one 50% off' special on apparel. Sadly, the other dress I didn't see on the website, otherwise I'd share it with you!

I'm pleased with my find! Did you already know about this place?

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