Monday, 23 January 2012

Chanel Vernis Peridot Nail Polish Review

When I saw Chanel was releasing a goldy green nail polish called Peridot, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

Wait, I did however. I ended up ordering it from because it was released there first. Since it's limited edition, I was concerned about trying to get my hands on it in the UK - especially since we can't order directly from Chanel's UK website, and I can't always get to the shops in order to secure a limited edition purchase. So I ordered it and sent it to my mom's house (I also ordered the limited edition eyeshadow palette Topaki at the same time!). Sadly my mom wasn't able to send Peridot on to me because of all sorts of crazy restrictions regarding posting nail polish ¬_¬

So I waited. Then finally in November my mom came to visit me in the UK and brought over Peridot, along with some other Essie and China Glaze polishes I'd ordered in the US.

It was finally in my hands!

But then, Christmas holidays came and all of December went by in a whirl of red, green, and flu. So it's only now that I've really had the chance to check Peridot out.

OMG, it was all I was expecting and more!

In the bottle, Peridot looks like a very green gold with a dark green/blue at the edges. This is how the light catches it. It's so beautiful, it's almost worth the purchase just to look at in the bottle. Erm, yeah maybe not.

It's worth purchasing if you love unique colours like this, or are a Chanel nail varnish fan. I don't have any colours like this. It applied really well in two thin layers. My pics show two coats and a clear top coat (NB: not my normal topcoat, so I'm not expecting the wear to go down too well.)

On my nails it looks like a gold with green shimmer or a green-gold, if that makes sense. I think it looks really elegant and lovely. I would definitely recommend it, although as always, Chanel polish is not for the faint-hearted.

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