Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Cleaning

So it's been a weird Monday. I have some good news at least. I passed my Life in the UK test.

Uhm, actually it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. My brain is full of all sorts of stuff about the UK and I didn't even need it! Ah well, one step down at least.

Other news I have is that I had a clear out of my closet and put some things up on the old eBay. Mostly some dresses and some shoes, oh and a Furla handbag. Most of it's on for only 99p, so there may be some bargains to be had. Most of it I just don't wear, I have something similiar that I wear instead or I outgrew or undergrew it (those are words right?)

Anyway, you can find my things here:

It looks like I haven't used ebay in years. I have, but I was just using the ex's account for ages. I made the decision tho if I was going to sell some stuff I should do it on my account, so well there ya go. Plus his user name was lame.

Speaking of cleaning out the closet, it seems to be that way at work lately, in a couple of ways. I've moved office, so have been massively clearing out files and books, etc, but also some redundancies were announced at work. That's not a fun clear out.

Are you having a Spring clear out? Or more importantly, is it Spring where you are? We had snow today. Snow. and. heavy. wind! Swirling around like a blizzard! ¬_¬ I'm not amused. Where are you Spring?  Do you know it's March already?!


  1. What's the Life in the UK test? And a clear out is always a good thing and not just for your closet. Moving on emotionally (ex's) and professionally (work, but I hope your not one of the ppl being laid off), is also a good thing.

    Ali x

    1. It's a test I have to take so I can apply for my next visa to stay in the UK. One less obstacle to deal with. Yep, about moving on! Altho, other than moving offices, there isn't much moving for me at work. So perhaps that's a good thing :) Thanks for stopping by! x

  2. Having a good spring clean can be one of the best things!x

    1. I'm loving it! I kind of want to do some more. >_< x


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