Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Excitement of a review well received

Okay, erm, yeah that's not my best post title to date, but I'll go with it.

I was shopping online the other day (yeah, I know, when am I not?!) and I noticed that one of my customer reviews was quoted on the Banana Republic website!

How exciting!

Ok, yeah, I know that, like, that's the point of having the reviews on the site, but I still thought it was cool to see part of my review appear on the main page.

Plus, I have empathy for the employee who read through reviews and picks out key snippets for the site to highlight. It can be thankless work, but I appreciate it. 

For those of you curious, I was raving about the Ashley ballet flats, which are amazing! I actually just got another pair - on sale for only £19.99 from the BR at Westfield in White City. Wonderful :)

Anyway, it was a nice surprise and put a smile on my face!

On that subject, I really do like how a lot of online retailers allow the customers to give feedback on the products. I really like to see what other people had to say about something before I buy it. Also, what better place to have that info than right there where you're already looking. The only downside I find, is that for some shops, where stock sells out quickly, you don't really get the chance to benefit from any reviews. By the time people buy and review the product, they've already sold out, so you can read about how wonderful something which isn't available in your size is. That's kinda frustrating.

What do you think? 

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